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WinAero Tweaker – A Cloudeight Freeware Pick

    WinAero Tweaker Works with Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 (all versions) WinAero Tweaker: The Windows Your Way Tweaker We featured WinAero Tweaker a few years ago. Today we revisited it to see what was new for Windows 10 users and we found a lot of new tweaks that we think will… Read More »

Over 50 Image Editing and Painting Tools on One Website

    Over 50 Image Editing and Painting Tools on One Website Just about everyone loves playing around with graphics; manipulating images is fun and a great pastime. When you edit images with the right tools you can do some very creative things. If you have a favorite photo editor or paint program like Photoshop… Read More »

Time to Take Ownership

    Time to Take Ownership File and folder permissions are normally set to protect your computer from unwanted actions. But when Windows denies you access to a folder or a file you want to delete and it won’t let you, it’s aggravating.  Files which you know exist but are not accessible because Windows says… Read More »

File Converter

    File Converter There are a lot of websites and a bunch of programs that convert files. But how about a program that converts files right on your own PC in File Explorer/Windows Explorer? We found a free program called File Converter that converts and compresses many file formats from the right-click menu in… Read More »