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Synchronize your files and folders with your Google Docs accounts

Y’all know about things like DropBox and other cloud-based storage systems, right y’all? I picked up the y’all from EB, she’s never lost her Southern drawl in all these years since she was a little girl growing up in the South in the 1940’s. 🙂 Some of you use DropBox and other such cloud-based storage… Read More »

Gmail super tip

Do you have a Gmail account? Gmail Accounts are free, give you lots of storage, and can be used like a regular email account in your Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Thunderbird or other email program. You can get a Gmail account free simply by signing up for one – just visit this page. For those… Read More »

Be sure to check out Gmail Labs

If you have a Gmail account you’re probably pretty happy with it – especially if you access your Gmail using your email program. It makes a nice secondary email account and the POP3 or IMAP access makes it very convenient to send and receive email right from Windows Mail, Outlook Express or your favorite email… Read More »