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A Professional Graphics Editor for Free – A Cloudeight Freeware Pick

Well what can we say? Hmmm. Until today, I hadn’t tried Gimp since 2006 and frankly I wasn’t impressed. The user interface was so fragmented, with parts of the program scattered over most of the screen, I couldn’t figure out what did what, and therefore we never recommended it or even used it. But everything… Read More »

Remove backgrounds from photos quickly and easily with this Cloudeight freeware pick

Most of us like to play around with pictures – it’s fun to see what you can do with different photographs. And to do amazing things with digital photographs you need good image editing software, and there’s a lot of good image editing software, some of which is free. One of the hardest things to… Read More »

Create wall-size posters from your own digital photos – free! Cloudeight freeware pick

Almost everyone has a digital camera these days (except TC who still has a Polaroid – but can’t find film for it). And if you don’t have one now, you’ll be getting one soon because the old film cameras are going the way of the of Eight-track cassette players (remember those?). There’s a good chance… Read More »

Cloudeight Site Pick – 3/23/2011

Well folks, it had to happen. The world has changed and older women no longer have to tolerate old, wrinkled-up prunes like, for example, TC. Older woman are plying their mature charms and casting their womanly spells on the young, stupid males and these immature, unwrinkled, svelte young men come running like a bunch of… Read More »