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How’s Your Laptop Battery?

How’s Your Laptop Battery? This tip is for Windows 10 (all versions) Today, we’re going to show you an easy way to check your laptop battery . You’ll be  able to see how the battery’s charge capacity has changed since your laptop (or battery) was new.  Like most rechargeable batteries, laptop batteries capacity and performance… Read More »

Don’t Throw Your Old Cell Phone Batteries in the Trash

Don’t Throw Your Old Cell Phone Batteries in the Trash Here’s a special warning for every one who uses a cellphone, laptop computer or battery-powered tool. The lithium-ion batteries that power most of our electronic devices, when improperly disposed of,  can cause serious fires and even explosions. And it’s not just theoretical, it’s really happening.… Read More »

Using Windows 7’s Mobility Center – tip for laptop users

If you use a laptop running Windows 7, you can quickly access a number of enhanced features and settings that make mobile computing much easier. You can easily control various settings such as wireless network connections, volume, display brightness, and more in the Windows Mobility Center. With all these settings in one location, you will… Read More »