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If You Have Children or Grandchildren Read This

If You Have Children or Grandchildren Read This Researchers at Check Point have discovered malware in apps aimed at children which display porn advertisements, encourage installation of fake security software, and steal personal information and credentials. The apps were available from Google Play and since the report (featured below) was published, Google has removed the… Read More »

Another Global Ransomware Attack is Under Way

The following article was written by and is provided courtesy of our friends at Emsisoft. We thought you’d be interested to know that another ransomware attack has been launched worldwide. Those of you who are using Emsisoft are protected from this and other virulent ransomware and malware. Here’s the article from Emsisoft… so you’ll be… Read More »

Tracking cookies ravage Grand Rapids

We borrowed a trick from another newsletter: an attention grabbing headline. Actually this is not about Grand Rapids, it’s about you and tracking cookies. Tracking cookies is an ominous sounding name for a rather innocuous text file. Cookies are text files. Tracking cookies are text files. What’s the difference? If you listen to anti-spyware companies… Read More »