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Equifax Does it Again [Almost]: A lesson to be learned

Equifax Does it Again [Almost]:  A lesson to be learned The Great Equifax Breach of 2017, allowed hackers to obtain sensitive information from approximately 143 million U.S. consumers. In order “to assist” victims of the attack, Equifax set up a website where people could go learn whether or not they were affected by the breach.… Read More »

A secret admirer who LOVES you!

You do, and  It’s Eightball. Just kidding. During the next eight or nine days, you’re undoubtedly going to be receiving e-cards and videos from boyfriends and girlfriends you didn’t even know you had. All these girls and guys are really going to love you. A lot! Well, they’re really going to love you if you… Read More »

Safe Surfing Toolbars

Once upon a time, Ben Edelman, a really smart guy who fought – and still fights – against the scams, spyware and trickery on the Internet, invented a toolbar called “Site Advisor”. And we saw it and said “It is good.” And it was. In those days, browsers didn’t come with anti-phishing protection, and Site… Read More »