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From Switzerland With Love: Email Privacy Your Way

From Switzerland With Love: Email Privacy Your Way You have to hand it to the Swiss. They always seem to stay out of wars, make great cheese, keep a pristine environment pristine, and, of course, to this day, remain the world’s only country that comes so close to being a true democracy. The USA is… Read More »

Another Global Ransomware Attack is Under Way

The following article was written by and is provided courtesy of our friends at Emsisoft. We thought you’d be interested to know that another ransomware attack has been launched worldwide. Those of you who are using Emsisoft are protected from this and other virulent ransomware and malware. Here’s the article from Emsisoft… so you’ll be… Read More »

Emsisoft’s New Anti-Ransomware Feature

Emsisoft’s New Anti-Ransomware Feature The latest WannaCry ransomware outbreak raised a lot of eyebrows as it wreaked havoc around the world, causing the shutdown of some hospitals in the U.K. and several large companies to suspend operations for 24 hours or longer. It has been a fact, in the past, that if your device were… Read More »