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Many HP Inkjet Printers Require Important Firmware Security Update

Many HP Inkjet Printers Require Important Firmware  Security Update If you have an HP Printer, you should visit this page to find out if your printer requires an update. Many HP printer models are listed on that page. Here’s what HP has to say… this was dated August 1, 2018 and just came to our… Read More »

A Test: What Means is the Most Popular With Cyber Criminals to Spread Malware and Malicious Web Sites?

What is the most popular way for cyber criminals to spread malware and links to  malicious web sites? A. Software Bundling B. Hacking C. Spam Email D. None of these If you answered “C”, you’re correct. You get an A. Spam is number one when it comes to bringing malicious files and websites to your… Read More »

CCleaner Now Comes With Advertising

CCleaner Now Comes With Advertising We’ve always been on-the-fence about CCleaner. It has some great features, but it also has a very “iffy” registry cleaner. For a time Microsoft warned users about CCleaner’s registry cleaner. Then a while back Avast bought CCleaner and we knew it wouldn’t be long before Avast ruined it. Avast, once… Read More »

Yahoo + AOL + Verizon Equals Oath [Better read the new TOS]

Yahoo + AOL + Verizon Equals Oath [Better read the new TOS] First, we’re not lawyers and don’t claim to be. We don’t know anymore about law than the next average Joe. But we have been a around a long time and we’ve learned to tell the difference between the elevator and the shaft. Yahoo has… Read More »

VPN: The Myth and the Facts

VPN: The Myth and the Facts VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. You can learn more about what a VPN is from this article. VPNs are becoming more and more mainstream especially now that a VPN service has spending millions of dollars to reach the masses via television advertising. The company is NordVPN. NordVPN is… Read More »