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Good fences make good neighbors…and great desktops! Cloudeight freeware picks

“…There where it is we do not need the wall: He is all pine and I am apple orchard. My apple trees will never get across And eat the cones under his pines, I tell him. He only says, ‘Good fences make good neighbors’…” (“Mending Wall” by Robert Frost) No other Windows newsletter introduces you… Read More »

More Windows 7 keyboard shortcuts

Windows 7 – all versions (Many of these work on Windows XP and Windows Vista too!) Note: Win = Windows Key 🙂 Win+Space operates as a keyboard shortcut for Aero Peek. Win+Up and Win+Down are new shortcuts for Maximize and Restore/Minimize. Win+Shift+Up vertically maximizes the current window Win+Left and Win+Right snap the current window to… Read More »