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Today’s Cloudeight site pick

Our site today offers over 33,000 free ebooks you can read on your PC, iPad, Kindle, Nook, Sony Reader, iPhone, Droid and many other portable devices. The Internet is bashed all the time because of the scuzzballs who run amok and try to ruin it for everyone; but there are so many good things on… Read More »

Plastic Jungle – A Cloudeight site pick

So, you got some gift cards for Christmas, or for your birthday, your cremation celebration, National Toenail Day, Americans Love Otters Day, or some other equally important occasion..   but you’d rather have the money than a $50.00 giftcard good for dinner at The Lower Slobovian Good Eats Emporium . Or you’d rather have the… Read More »

Trouble sleeping?

We couldn’t resist this. We almost made this a “site of the week” pick but there isn’t much there to write about. So this is not a “Windows Tip” really. It’s a people tip. Is there anything better than falling asleep while listening to the rain falling and distant thunder rolling? Maybe, but we’re not… Read More »