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Google’s Titan Security Keys

Google’s Titan Security Keys Titan Security Keys make hardware-based two-factor authentication easy and practical for your online accounts. Google promises “the highest level of protection against phishing attacks”. Google recently wrote that its 85,000 employees have been using similar physical security keys for months and that none of them have fallen victim to phishing attacks.… Read More »

A scathing review of our “cloud” edition newsletter

Patti’s scathing review of InfoAve Premium, Issue #406 (The cloud issue) (It) Saddens me to see comments and assumptions by you folks that because some us are not jumping on the “cloud” computing band wagon or jumping right into the “replace everything computer” every month in order to keep up with technology has something to… Read More »

Crazy for changing our minds about the cloud?

Maria says we’re wrong for changing our minds about the cloud TC, You may remember this piece, which I did indeed send off to all of my friends. I’ve always believed in your advice, & am now wondering why the article below & “The Cloud & Other Things” http://thundercloud.net/infoave/new/?p=2499 are completely at odds…. Please tell… Read More »