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BlueKeep Warning Issued by Microsoft

    BlueKeep Warning Issued by Microsoft Much like the NSA-authored worm that stolen by hackers, modified and foisted upon Internet users in the form of the WannaCry worm that infected hundreds of thousands of computers back in 2017, a new NSA worm called EternalBlue was stolen by a hacking group known as the Shadow… Read More »

Wayne tries to get rid of a rogue security program

Wayne needs to get rid of a rogue security program How can I remove a rogue program that has invaded my computer. It calls itself Vista Home Security 2012 and it has somehow infiltrated my windows security center with it’s own firewall and antispyware that is giving me one large headache with all kinds of… Read More »

What is a botnet?

“The term bot is short for robot. Criminals distribute malicious software (also known as malware) that can turn your computer into a bot (also known as a zombie). When this occurs, your computer can perform automated tasks over the Internet, without you knowing it. Criminals typically use bots to infect large numbers of computers. These… Read More »