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Windows USB Troubleshooter

Windows USB Troubleshooter Sometimes USB devices have problems and when it happens it can be frustrating. We’re big fans of choosing the simplest fix first. Why? Because it saves time. If the simplest fix doesn’t work, then you’ll still have the opportunity to roll up your sleeves dig down and look at other things that… Read More »

Create a bootable Windows installation USB flash drive in less than 10 minutes

Netbooks don’t come with optical drives (CD/DVD) drives – so how are you going to reinstall Windows if you need to? You can install it from a USB flash drive that’s how. But even if you don’t have a netbook, did you know that installing Windows from a USB flash drive is much faster than… Read More »

Two things you can do with a USB Flash Drive you probably didn’t know

USB flash drives are small, portable, and have many uses. Here are two uses for USB flash drives you probably didn’t know. 1. Use your USB flash drive as an MP3 player Yes you can. All you need are speakers or earphones, Windows Media Player, and a USB flash drive loaded with your favorite MP3… Read More »

Cloudeight Freeware Pick 3/13/2011

Rohos Mini Drive Rohos Mini Drive is a program that creates a hidden, password-protected partition on USB flash drives. It’s a 3MB download, and it’s free. Here’s more about today’s freeware.. I picked up one of EB’s flash drives the other day, and you won’t believe what I found. She has a Swiss bank account… Read More »