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Never Get Locked Out of Your Windows 10 PC

Never Get Locked Out of Your Windows 10 PC First, if you don’t know if you’re using a Windows 10 Local Account or a Microsoft Account see this page. If you’re using a Microsoft Account to log in to Windows,and you forget your password you can reset it online. One advantage to using a Microsoft… Read More »

What Are You Looking For?

What Are You Looking For? Whenever we publish a tip like “How to Organize Folders“, it inevitably leads to another tip. A question from a reader about our “How to Organize Folders” article, led us to this tip. And we wonder just how many of you have noticed the little folder search box when you… Read More »

How’s Your Laptop Battery?

How’s Your Laptop Battery? This tip is for Windows 10 (all versions) Today, we’re going to show you an easy way to check your laptop battery . You’ll be  able to see how the battery’s charge capacity has changed since your laptop (or battery) was new.  Like most rechargeable batteries, laptop batteries capacity and performance… Read More »