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System Info At Your Fingertips

System Info At Your Fingertips There are a lot of free programs you can download that tell you all about your computer. They show things like system type (32 / 64-bit), hardware devices, RAM, hard drive info  and more – just about everything you’d ever want to know about your computer. But,  did you know… Read More »

Windows USB Troubleshooter

Windows USB Troubleshooter Sometimes USB devices have problems and when it happens it can be frustrating. We’re big fans of choosing the simplest fix first. Why? Because it saves time. If the simplest fix doesn’t work, then you’ll still have the opportunity to roll up your sleeves dig down and look at other things that… Read More »

The Dictator in Windows 10

How to Use Dictation in Windows 10 Sorry for the clickbait, I couldn’t resist using the word “dictator” – did you picture Bill Gates with a little mustache and wearing a military uniform? Enough of that… Did you know that beginning with the Windows 10 Version 1803 (April 2018 Update) it’s easier than ever to use… Read More »

22 Windows Key Shortcuts for Windows 10 You Might Find Handy 

22 Windows Key Shortcuts for Windows 10 You Might Find Handy  Here are some Windows Key shortcuts we think you’ll find useful. Try them – you’ll remember the ones you use the most. So if you find some you like, keep using them until they become a habit.  Windows Key – Opens the Windows 10… Read More »