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A new way to find words

Dictionary 2.0: Wordnik.com Creates New Way to Find Words This week, just as Merriam-Webster announced “tweet” would be included in the 11th edition of their Collegiate Dictionary, a brand new word showed up — where else? — on Twitter… You won’t find the term “bugnado” in Merriam-Webster’s dictionary. Traditional dictionaries, tied to the costly process… Read More »

Hey! You! Get off of my cloud! – Make your own word clouds with this Cloudeight Website pick

Those that are skimming this newsletter are going to be really sorry they skimmed if they skipped over our Site Of The Week this week. It’s completely useless but fun – and very intriguing in its own way. Wordle generates “word clouds” – which, I think, is cool-speak for a bunch of words randomly aligned… Read More »

A great online dictionary

We’ve become fed up with Dictionary.com and most of the other online dictionaries. We don’t mind advertising on sites – we understand it’s necessary. But Dictionary.com seems to have taken advertising to hideous new level with multiple pop-ups, floating ads, flashing ads, video ads, talking ads and more. If you want to look up a… Read More »