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By | November 11, 2013
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I watched a documentary on Netflix called “Farmageddon” about small farmers, who were producing safe, healthy foods for their communities were raided by law enforcement, sometimes in SWAT garb, and arrested;  their lives were ruined, and their farms driven out of business. And while agra-business receive the vast majority of the farm subsidies once intended to help the small independent farm, the handouts continue allowing these agra-businesses to thrive while the small farmer is not only driven out of business, but harassed by law enforcement – for daring to butt heads with the corporate farms. And this hit close to home for me; last year a farm in a neighboring county was raided by a dozen sheriff’s deputies, FBI and FDA agents, some with their guns drawn.

If you have Netflix, I highly recommend you watch “Farmageddon” as well as one narrated by actor Jeff Bridges called “A Place At the Table” — about the 40 million Americans who go hungry in this land of plenty every single day.

Both of these documentaries will open your eyes to what’s happening in America right now.

Please don’t turn this into a political debate. Hunger is not problem created by any party, but it is a problem that should never happen in a country as wealthy as ours.

If you watch one or both of these, let us know what you think



6 thoughts on “TC Recommends Two Netflix Titles

  1. Muriel

    Thank you TC for bringing these two documentaries to the attention of your readers.
    I own a copy of both these documentaries, and would like to add my recommendation to to both of them.
    Another I found extremely enlightening (well actually 3) and all are award winners.
    “Unnatural Selection” (DVD), “Hidden Dangers in Kids’ Meals”(DVD), and “You’re eating WHAT?” (Audio CD by best-selling author Jeffrey Smith)
    They can be found in a compilation called “The GMO Trilogy”

    1. Muriel

      I know the amphasis of your article was about the disgrace of hunger, especially in places where hunger does not have to exist. Unfortunately, there is no doubt in my mind that it is 100% a political issue in this country…all about money and control, and the “regulators” who enable and protect it…”Sheriffs, FBI, and FDC some with guns drawn? At a small farm which is someone’s home?
      Clearly, the laws that allow this are horribly misdirected at the wrong farmers. The instances you have described merely scratch the surface.

    2. M

      Unfortunately, by the time enough people realize what is happening not only in this venue but in other areas of our ‘free’ society, it will be too late to stop the momentum. It has not been a part of just one administration or one party push, but has been quietly advancing on our society for years. We need to spread awareness (thanks TC for becoming more vocal about these issues). Has it occurred to anyone why no public outcry has been picked up by the media? Why are the neighbors, friends, and relatives of these victims not asking questions and demanding answers from our leaders? Why aren’t any of us?

  2. Melanie Wood

    Scary times when the corporatocracy rules our dinner plates. Out here on the West Coast many of us keep our own gardens (guess we should call the Victory Gardens again?) like our fore-bearers and we know what we are eating. It can be done in other climates: Holland is an excellent example. It’s amazing to drive through it in the grey daze of winter, snow on ground, and see greenhouses in the distance bursting with color and vitality.
    Monsanto created Agent Orange, DDT and RoundUp. I don’t understand WHY they are allowed to exist: the residuals of Agent Orange have been passed down through and seriously compromised at least two generations.
    We need a hero NOW and that hero is US.

    Pray Muddle America wakes up, gets off their fat duffs and realize what they have let slide whilst enjoying what they thought was The American Dream.

  3. Dave C

    Have noted the above Videos for viewing with interest. Just when it appeared that things couldn’t be worse, I found a Movie on Netflix about the “Made in China syndrome” we all know about. It is called “Death by China” a must watch.
    I would even suggest it should be required watching for everyone, in the the USA and Canada.
    It is called “DEATH BY CHINA” available on Netflix.


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