The Angels Come to Visit Us

By | March 7, 2013
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“The golden moments in the stream of live rush past us, and we see nothing but sand; the angels come to visit us, and we only know them when they are gone” ~ George Eliot

Today I did something I try very hard never to do – I glanced over my shoulder and looked at the road behind me. I don’t like to do this because when what’s behind me is better that what’s ahead of me, it only makes me feel worse. I suppose we all get to a point in our lives when that’s true; the road ahead becomes narrower and shorter until it disappears into that mysterious good night. But that shouldn’t be happening yet.

But I did look back, and looking back I saw Darcy and me smiling and happy, because with our own hands — and thousands of hours of learning and work – we had built a business of which both of us were proud. I remembered how we used to surprise each other with new ideas for stationery collections and work on each one, sharing each new design with each other, before anyone else had seen it. I remembered when we held our collective breath each time we released a newsletter to our beloved stationery mail list. At one time there were almost 275,000 subscribers – and we loved and worked hard trying to please each one of them.

I saw the two of us, two very fortunate people, who worked hard and loved all the work they did. We were Cloudeight – we were happy and the work was always joyful and fun.

In 2009, Microsoft introduced Windows 7, a great operating system, but one that came without an email program. So the number of people using Outlook Express and Windows Mail (from Windows Vista) started drastically declining as more and more moved to Windows 7. As fewer and fewer used Outlook Express and Windows Mail, fewer and fewer used our stationery, within 18 months our stationery site had lost over 50% of its traffic. With the decline in stationery came an equally harsh decline in revenue, and coupled with the worst recession America had seen in years, it left us reeling.

My eyes, misty and sad, can’t look back anymore, so I look around in the present and see what is left. I’m scared, I don’t know what I will do if something happens to the business we built. I feel like a man about to become homeless, and dreading the cold nights on the windy, frozen street.

My discouragement shows in all I do, I think. There’s someone who I don’t thank enough, who I never give any credit, and these days, for whom I never have many encouraging or kind words — and that’s my loyal partner Darcy.

None of you know how much work she does. She does everything I do, and more. She makes sure that every email gets answered; she makes sure that every order gets filled. She’s the heart and soul of Cloudeight; she’s the reason we’re still limping along.

I’m the dreamer, the writer, the creator, and I’m the emotional roller coaster which which she has to deal every day. I’m a dreamer and not a doer but my bag of dreams is almost empty, the monster of discouragement has come in the night and eaten away at them; I tell you, there are few, if any left.

She didn’t want me to write this – she never asks for anything for herself. If Cloudeight benefits, that’s all she cares about — never herself.  She doesn’t want me to ask you for more donations, because she knows as well as I, that it’s always the same loyal friends who donate time after time after time, and it is just not fair to ask them for more.

If we hadn’t started Information Avenue, and InfoAve Premium, and more recently Cloudeight Direct, there wouldn’t be anymore Cloudeight. Darcy has to beg me to help make new stationery collections, but I do it kicking and screaming because I’m a dreamer, and not doer, and discouragement kills dreams. Because she has the kindest heart of anyone I’ve ever met, she gives Cloudeight 100%, 100% of the time.. It makes me angry with myself to think how I treat her sometimes. She believes in Cloudeight and she believes in our stationery; she still gives her best for the ones left on the stationery list — just a little more than 10% of what it was in our best years.

If it weren’t for Darcy, there would be no more Cloudeight. There would be no more newsletters, no stationery, no anything. I would have given up, becuase I’m just a dreamer, but she dreams and does — and that has kept us going.

One thing I can say for both of us – we really care about making sure you have the truth as we see it. We have lost literally hundreds of thousands of dollars by not giving in to the companies who wanted us to bundle our software with their bundles. We could have been financially secure, but to do that we would have had to trick all those who have come to trust us. We would rather have our little company fail than to live with the knowledge that we misled those who trusted us. And we have taken some serious criticism for standing up and telling the truth; we’ve even been threatened with lawsuits for telling our readers the truth.

So now, more than ever befofe, Cloudeight is in serious financial trouble, but we are never going to give in to these malware vendors or back down from telling our readers the truth as we see it – not ever. If we go down, we’ll go down with our heads held high – we do not go gently into that good night.

We have trimmed our expenses and our own incomes as much as we possibly can, and this has helped us to keep going. I don’t really know what the future holds for Cloudeight, but we won’t go down without a fight. Then, sometimes I think Cloudeight won’t be missed much, like the thousands of other niche sites like ours that have long since faded from the Web, we would just be another small business who couldn’t find a way to survive.

Darcy doesn’t want me to ask you for any more donations, she’d rather we do our best to sell our products and Cloudeight Direct Computer Care services. Cloudeight Direct was her idea, not the dreamer’s — and it’s been successful enough to keep us afloat. I still don’t think enough people understand what a fantastic deal it is for the little we charge for it. All our customers have to do is sit down at their computers, relax and watch as we fix it. And we only charge $59 for this – whether it takes us an hour or three hours.

Darcy is an angel and she’s come to visit you — she’s the one who keeps things going. Is George Eliot right when she says “The angels come to visit us, and we only know them when they are gone.”?

And while I can blame myself for letting discouragement affect the things I do, no one has worked harder to keep us going than Darcy. She’s up most mornings at 4:00 AM and works most evenings until 8:00 PM or later. Day after day she gives it all she has, and tries so hard to bring me back to the way I used to be — she never gives up and she never gives in.

I’ve let Darcy down so many times, but the one thing I’ve not done is let our readers down – at least I hope I haven’t. I’ve always given them 100%, 100% of the time.

Darcy is the only reason Cloudeight still fights on. She’s the Angel of Cloudeight. Darcy is an Angel and she’s come to visit you. Is George Eliot right when she says “The angels come to visit us, and we only know them when they are gone.”?


If you would like to help us, we have some special offers for you at

Darcy didn’t want me to ask you, but I’m going to anyway, because she deserves better. If you’d like to donate, a couple of dollars or more, please go to

We want you all to know, regardless of what we need to do  financially that we will continue Cloudeight Direct Computer Care and all its services, and we will continue InfoAve Premium, as well as NotOverTheHill and our InfoAve Forum. Thank you for reading this, and for caring.


49 thoughts on “The Angels Come to Visit Us

  1. Martha Gress

    Angels come to visit us — what a great tribute to your angel (Darcy)! You both have been such a great asset to more people than you realize. I have learned so much from both of you and trust all that you say. I already have 7 direct care services waiting to use and doubt that I will ever need all of them, but will get another one for setting up my email when I get back to Montana where I will have the Internet speed which will enable you to connect.
    There is nothing wrong with asking for help in this difficult time as I know we all want both of you to hang around a long time and help us. Try to stay positive and stay healthy. That is the most important asset you can ever have. I wish (and pray) that people hear your cry for help and give what they can.

  2. Holly

    Hi TC and EB,

    I am scared you will have to leave us and I have supported you from the beginning. I really believe that if you think outside of the ‘box’ you could come up with something that would work to keep you rolling right along. Times have SO changed ( not all for the best I know ) and I think you need to also or you will be lost to us as you stated.

    I really feel you need to stop being a free site in all area’s.What is happening is you are doing SO much for nothing and that won’t pay the bills. If I were you I would figure out a budget of what you need to keep going and then figure out how many would join and the amount of what a yearly fee would be to join. I can’t afford alot BUT sure would save up to pay what ever you needed.

    You two give of yourselves and we need to give you money in return, it’s only fair. Rather than loose you I am in favor of a pay to use site!! Please consider ALL your options. I don’t think anyone here wouldn’t understand that you need to ‘bend’or ‘revamp’ or do more advertising to Save the site we love and need!

    I am also hopeful you will get more idea’s from your readers.

  3. Cathy MacInnis

    I wonder if each one of us that is a subscriber could get one or two friends, family members to join cloud 8 and maybe even buy a direct key. I am sick to think we might lose this site because of financial reasons, come on subscribers go out and sell some subscriptions and help this company stay afloat.I am sure there is not one of us want to lose this site. A yearly subscription is just not that much money instead of sharing what TB and EC said ask them to pay for it by subscribing to the web site I think it is only $10.00 (ten dollars) and it just might help the company We have all spent money more foolishly and if you are reading this it means, you come to the site.Sooner or later we all have to pay for services and this is one service we can not lose. So my friends in cloud 8 this a challenge lets help this company out Thanks for reading this plea

  4. Sue Royston

    Thank you for packing so much into each issue of your newsletters! What would we do without them! Where would we turn for honest and reliable help? Honestly, it’s frightening to think about going back to where we were before you graced our computer lives! There is no one I trust more regarding computers….and we have come to know you over the years as good people. PLEASE don’t leave us! I will be making a generous donation in hopes that others will follow suit….and that with more donations you will find your creative-ness again and come up with something new and exciting that we can all benefit from. Good luck to you both and hugs until the next newsletter!

  5. Charles

    TC & EB,
    I’ve been with you all along and love your products of which I’ve purchased several. I even have a couple direct care purchases that I haven’t used yet.

    But… in such a dire situation,I for one, would not mind if you started making money by bundling. I am savy enough to say no to what I don’t want and yes to what I do. You could include instruction for those that do not.
    I suggest you take a survey and find out how many would say yes, as long as you kept the good stuff going, and stick with you.


  6. Jean

    I agree that you need to start charging an annual fee for premium memberships. Other sites do. I also would not mind bundling. I think you don’t have a choice.Like one of the previous readers, I am careful and know what I want so am not likely to download something I don’t need. I have been with you for many years and most of what I’ve learned has come from Cloudeight. An annual fee is not too much to ask for the expertise we receive through your newsletters. It keeps us out of repair shops. I should mention too that I never download and install any program unless approval comes from Cloudeight. I appreciate that security.

  7. Ken Roberts

    It would be a very sad day if you had to fold it up and quit. I also feel that you do not charge for some things that should be charged for . If you and Darcy sat down and went over each item I feel you might come up with a solution. I am also sure you have done that very thing , but remember all things are not thought of at any one sitting. Be a little bit bold and look at all items you provide and figure out what people will pay for . May be look at something different than stationary for income . I don’t know any thing much about business but I do know you can not run a business on nothing . I will try to find a way to help soon it may be next month but I will help . I also know what it is to want something knowing it cannot happen but I had five people in my family do something for me and I am now a owner of a great Martin guitar, I feel selfish but still love the new guitar it almost plays it self . At 69 it is one of the best gifts I have ever received . Just maybe some one with a little money will help, strange things happen, do not give up yet.

  8. Deanna Baugh

    I agree on the subscriptions for this newsletter with other folks here…we all, that value your service, will pay yearly for this newsletter, it is awesome! I have learned SO much from you and Darcy, and I value your service to us. You are the only newsletter that I trust! We do not expect it to be free forever, not in this day and age! I bought a key and Darcy fixed so much on my computer…it was an awesome experience! I tell everyone about it, it was remarkable! I understand how you feel about Microsoft making things go away that we all enjoyed so much. I have done Desktop Themes for quite a few years, just took my website down because of Windows 7 and 8…but your Direct Computer Service is a diamond in the rough…get some advertising out there and let people know about it! That is another thing about this day and age…word of mouth doesn’t quite cut it anymore! There is an ad on TV about fixing your computer…every time I see it I think, OMG, TC and Darcy are so much better than that! And that company charges 69 dollars plus a month to keep your computer running perfectly. Have you thought about a monthly charge for that service, to check a persons computer for any problems monthly or even every three months. I am still on XP and I plan to stay there for quite a while…I bought a disk to install on any new computer that I will purchase in the future and it is to enjoy the things I love. like outlook express, wallpapers, themes, and all the enjoyable things that Microsoft took away from us. I do not have to go there with Microsoft and their new inventions. Most folks are really tired of the new Windows to update every year or two…and we all know that is what makes Microsoft rich and the rest of us poor! TC, stop the negative thoughts…just STOP it! You still have a gem of a company! Darcy, keep him on board! And you know, every time Microsoft says they will stop updating a Windows whatever? It just means hackers will move on to the newest one…so I feel safe staying where I am! Especially with you guys in my pocket!!!!

  9. Virginia

    I will be making a donation as even a small one from everyone would make a difference. I have done as Cathy said and recommended you to family and friends. Please try to hang on as we all need your expertise and help. I have used your direct care a couple of times and have 3 extras that I know I will be needing at some time. Both of you are such loyal supporters of all of us that hopefully we can all reward that loyalty financially. I have been a member for 5 or 6 years and cannot imagine not having you two to rely on. I hope all of us will do whatever we can to help you stay in business as the loss would be unimaginable. You are both irreplaceable as sources of truth and information about our computers and all the things we should avoid and also the things that are helpful. I will hope for all the best for you and your business.

  10. Debbie Fahlman

    I have been with you since almost the beginning. I have learned over the years to trust both of you only and what you write in your newsletters every week. I have supported you in almost every endeavor, and I would not be adverse to paying a yearly fee for your services. I to have purchased several keys, which I may never use, but I do it out of love for both of you and what you give to us.
    I also would not be adverse to your bundling if it keeps you afloat. You have taught us over the years what to do and what not to do.
    I’ve had some unexpected repairs earlier this month, but in a couple of weeks I will send another donation.
    My vote is to do whatever you have to stay afloat. We loyal supporters and followers will still be with you!

  11. AussieNorm.(Norman Ogier)

    I agree with every comment so far,Thank Goodness for Darcy and her tremendous work ethics.
    I am sure that all good quality members would be willing to pay an annual membership fee,(eg say $30.00)to have the Premium Newsletter supplied on a weekly basis.
    Even though I have been a lifetims subscriber for a long time and have purchased keys and other products etc, there comes a time when other income is needed to cover operating costs in any successful business.
    As others have mentioned,even bundling can be managed effectively by all members if common sense is applied.
    No doubt tips from Darcy and TC will provide any likely pitfalls with products advertised.
    Keep up the good work and TC….how about looking in the mirror and saying to your self…”I must go forward and forget all the negative thoughts and enjoy each day
    amongst friends.”
    Remember you cannot have yesterday back,so make the most of each day that you are given on this Earth.

  12. June B

    OMG!! your letter brought tears to my eyes!!I can never do without you two and am only where I am today because of all you have done.The”seniors” that have learned from you is immense! None of us would have been able to ‘book in’ to electronics(at our ages) without you two for all the work and many,many hours)(4 A.M??) you have put in, for everyone else,it is time to start charging a yearly charge for sure!!I’m for that, along with many others by the sound of these messages..WE NEED YOU BOTH!!GO FOR IT!!Always keep your dreams. They are important!!June

  13. Sharon

    This has been said many times, “it’s in the valleys we grow”. I am a strong believer that all things happen for a reason and we have to go through the toughs times in order to get to those good times. As I said with my donation, God bless and keep the faith. You can’t lose if you never give up.
    Blessings, Sharon

  14. Andy Z

    I have one objective resommendation. Let the subscribers have the Outlook Express that works on Window 7 free of charge. I believe that you can then start your former subscribers to return to you. I would much rather use Outlook Express with your stationary than Window Live Mail without it. I for one feel that I should not have to pay for an e-mail program.

    Whatever you do, my prayers are with you to secceed.

  15. Joan

    We’re still in a recession and unemployment is 7.7% and far higher in most areas. Businesses have been closing all over the country in both metro and suburban areas or holding on by moving to smaller quarters, and letting employees go.You won’t lose your business if you and Darcy take the reins and do what you know must be done. Good, decent and admirable people are in business all over our country, but charge a fee for services rendered. This fee for service does not make good people less good. I was advised by my mother to be a better receiver in this way: “You derive a great deal of pleasure in giving, don’t you,? to which I obviously replied, yes. Then why? would you deny this same pleasure to others?” I have a Lifetime Membership, but that must now be a thing of the past. To distribute your publications you must charge a fee. The profound amount of invaluable information you provide is sincerely appreciated and needed, but now is the time to realize you are running a business for profit and some comfort and not to juggle, barely get by, stress out and live in a continuous state of pending ruin. You either take the steps necessary to run your business at a decent profit or advise your subscribers you are closing your doors. This is the time for you both to make a decision, period. You have been fighting this decision making moment for quite some time and it just cannot be put off any longer. I am a few days late (from 3/1) but submitted my committed donation today. “Easy rests the heads of good people who run a profitable respectable busness.” : )

  16. Patricia McCosker

    You must consider charging an annual fee to be a Cloudeight member..I am sure every one of the Cloudeight family would be delighted to pay it and if it keeps you in business we will have our reward
    You are without a doubt the best advice givers and helpers on the Internet and so thoroughly trustworthy That is worth a lot to all of us.
    I will be donating immediately and hope others do likewise

  17. Larry

    Darcy has helped me a number of times. I have donated when I could. I am on a fixed income. I wish that I could do more! I do tell everyone about Cloudeight and that they fix and tune up your computer for what amounts to a nominal price and they do it willingly and wholeheartedly. I will continue to do this.

  18. caroline edwards

    never give up – the glass if half full. i agree an annual fee. i live in Bundaberg Qld Australia & we have the worst floods in history, so i am having to start all over again right from the towels to furniture – so please stay strong….
    sent with respect to both of you ♥

  19. Ms. D

    My heart is hurting for the two of you for I am a soul who knows your pain. I lost my job almost six years ago and have been unable to find ANY type of work since then. My unemployment benefits stopped in April 2009, so I have been surviving on the money I saved over the years, and I am just now beginning to see the bottom of that barrel. And let me tell you, I know how you feel. It is VERY scary. But I pray each and every day and keep my trust in my God. I always ask him to watch over me and all my family and friends, and I have added you and Darcy to my prayer list. Although I have never met you, I consider you friends because of all the hard work you do keeping all of us so very well informed with your vast computer knowledge and also making absolutely beautiful email stationery. Stationery is my weakness. I am not too proud to admit that I am addicted… 😉 I, too, would be devastated should the pair of you and your great store of knowledge and products disappear. I have learned SO much from you guys over the years that I have been receiving your newsletter. I have purchased several products from you over the years (Smileycons and your Winter House screensaver to name two), but these days my budget just doesn’t allow for a lot of “extras”. As others have stated, though, I too would not be adverse to paying an annual premium to be a subscriber. I honestly don’t know how you have kept going for so long by giving the majority of your stuff away for free. You really do need to consider charging for all of your services. Those of us who know and trust your products would not be offended by that. And believe you me, whenever I get back on my feet (and I WILL for I refuse to be knocked down and stay down), I will, indeed, begin supporting you more frequently. Please, guys, don’t give up the fight and don’t lose hope. I know it is difficult to do, but PLEASE keep the faith. As bleak as things may look right now, this too shall pass and I know that whatever happens, you will come out on the other side stronger for having passed through this fire. Please know how many of us out here care and wish nothing but the best for you. These are tough times for MANY of us, but there is strength in numbers and we, your loyal subscribers, will help to see you through.

  20. Mary Parnell

    I have read your letter and understand your situation completely. Times are tough. Please don’t give up, we all need your expertise. I also bought a key ,but haven’t used it yet.I have been with you along time. I agree with some of the other comments, I would pay a yearly fee to help keep you going.

    Mary Parnell

  21. lizzyann

    I have been a subscriber for many years and try to give when I can to help keep you in business.
    Ihave read all the above comments and agree wholeheartedly with a user fee for Cloudeight.
    Your service is par exellence and most of us would not be where we are today, computer wise, if it were not for your great advice and honesty.
    I trust you will listen to your friends and do what is right for you. It is rare to find free services today and you need to be paid for your time.

  22. Kai Rasmussen

    What can I say? You guys have been the back bone of my computer knowledge since I got my first PC in 2000, I have learned so much from you, and have bought numerous items from you and just love your home page from day one. Your honesty is something very rare this days, I always tell my wife, if Cloudeight endorse it you can trust it.
    I hope you guys will get over the bad time, and I will always support you in any way I can.
    Just a note just bought the Cloudeight mail set up a few day ago, and will be looking forward to contact you.
    All the best to you both and a big thank you.

  23. Norma

    I was very grateful when you helped me to fix both computers.
    Why not have a greeting card site like “American Greetings” and others. I often buy a yr membership from them and many times renew the membership.

    You both are so creative with all the beautiful stationary you produced in when I had Win 98 yrs ago. I loved Outlook Express, From there some of the themes we all love could be converted to greetings.
    You could join with the many artist needing clients like you did with “Cloudy” I love his work.

    I don’t know, but I hate to think of such lovely talent like yours going to the side of the road.

    I have been with you as a user and subscriber since Win 98. We now have Win 7, Vista and XP. I have gotten lots of help with all of them and my friend who had Windows Me,
    which I helped her set up and learn operations.

    Where would I be without YOU BOTH??????

  24. Barb Branca

    There’s been a lot of sickness in this house for the last couple of years so, financially, I’m not able to support you. However, like everyone else who’s written about this, we’re all praying that you’ll come through this situation. I’m sure that everyone will support you in any way that they can as you’ve helped so many of us over the years.

    Hopefully, I too, shall be able to help you in the near future as well.

    I think it’s very difficult for most of us to express the depth of respect and thankfulness we have for both of you.

  25. Grace

    I echo the sentiments of those who have written previously: Where would I be without the expertise of EB & TC? I’ve been getting your free newsletter for years and would be happy to pay a small fee to continue to recieve it. I also wouldn’t mind the bundling as long as there’s a “heads up” that the program you’re tied to is a good one or not. I think the greeting card idea is excellent also since some of the card sites offer some cheesy-looking greetings. Like you and many others here, I am feeling the strain of the economy since I am on a fixed income and have had several serious health issues recently. I would so love to donate to help keep your business afloat, but I can’t put another cent on my credit card. Is there an address we can send a check to? Even if it’s $5, maybe it would help just a little? Anyway, EB & TC, thank you so very much for all you have given over the years. You are very much appreciated.

  26. Barbara Brenchley

    I agree with many of the comments that have already been made. I have been with you for years and am a Lifetime member. However, as one person has said, Lifetime membership should now be a thing of the past and I would be very happy to pay an annual fee for the newsletter. I shall be making a donation, as much as I can afford and hope that it helps in some small way. My thoughts are with you both. With love,

  27. Lilian Garrett

    I agree with all the above. I will be 81 this year and have been with you almost from the beginning. I have 3 keys I bought when they were first available. I look forward to your Friday news letter. I think the cards and a yearly fee would help keep you in business. I cannot imagine being with out you. You really need constant income every year. Thanks for all you do, it’s funny how one can feel so close to two people whom we have never met. Lilian

  28. Perry Townsend

    I have been a Cloudeight lifetime member since the rght after you started. Your information has been of great value to me over the years. I bought 3 of your Direct Keys when you first offered them. Since then I have retired and I am on a fixed income. At the end of the month not much is left over. But I know that each month I am sure that I spend at least $5.00 on things I don’t really need. So I am going to start sending you that $5.00 every month and if 2 or 3 thousand other reader do the samething, I am sure it would help lessen the strain on you and Darcey.

    Thank you for everything you do for us.

  29. Wayne DeVries

    Back in Jan 7 we had a very long session and my computer was in such a shape – the recomendation was to move to Windows 8 – I was running 7 (limping really) at the time.
    I chose to reinstall Windows 7 using the iso which included Sp1.
    The install worked fairly good and after a couple of days I upgrade to Windows 8 as TC and I had agreed would be the best way.

    I am now a Windows 8 convert and both my desk top and laptop are Windows 8 although 1 is 32 bit and the other 64.

    (the above was just info for TC and not necessary to publish with the following unless you choose)

    My strong support is with you two and vote for a annual fee. Many other ‘lifetime’ have had to go to an annual fee to survive (Super anti-spyware for one).
    I support anything (careful just about anything) you choose to try EXCEPT quitting.
    As soon as I finish this I will be sending another contribution – I wish it was larger but pensions – mine anyway don’t go up and SS isn’t that big.
    Best wishes and please keep us happy by continuing your great service.
    Love you both. (I can say that- I am 78 and don’t have the old inhibitions)

  30. walter taylor

    The darkest hour comes before the dawn,
    t’is then that depression makes one forlorn,
    when the accumulated burdens of negativity,
    combining to overwhelm ones sensitivity .

    To question whether ones life is worthwhile,
    it is then that the need is to raise a smile,
    with the onset of the warmth of a rising sun,
    to welcome in the new day that has just begun.

    That it will melt away the cold ice of despair ,
    with yesterdays troubles, no longer beyond repair,
    supported by Darcy’s tangible angelic influence,
    dedication, commitment and tolerant indulgence.

    Tho’ optimistically, the road ahead may be bumpy.
    together, you will delete despondency, being grumpy,
    with the undoubted support of countless friends,
    finally, ”lady luck” will fortuitously make amends.

    [So sayeth, he who has had many a dark hour.]

  31. Linda

    Dear TC & EB, I have been with you since the beginning and have learned so much. I can’t tell you how much I have loved the both of you and your talents over the years. I have bought so many of your wonderful things you have offered throughout the years. It made me so sad to think you are feeling so helpless and lost due to financial problems. You need to do what you need to do now for yourselves to be able to give to the rest of us. None of us want you to lose faith in yourselves. The rest of us will continue on with you and your wonderful company no matter what because of what you mean to us.
    Please know that our prayers are with you in whatever you decide to do. Please keep your spirits and your chins up We are behind you

    Love, a very happy follower forever

  32. Eleanor

    I agree with most of what has been said except I’m not sure about the bundling with others–how could you tell us we shouldn’t trust the product if you’re bundled with them? I admit, I’m not too sure exactly what bundling is either. Why not just allow advertising on both your website and on the newsletters? Then, we could just buy the product advertised or not buy it. Wouldn’t you be allowed a ‘qualifier’ to say that just because the advertising is allowed on the site, that it is not necessarily endorsed by you?
    All of us have come to totally trust Cloudeight’s advice and I was chilled reading Angels Come to Visit Us, at first thinking you were telling us you were closing down. Many of us are seniors on fixed incomes, but if it has to be, a fee that’s between $10 to $20 could easily be found to keep receiving your advice annually. I don’t subscribe to any websites that charge a fee (I make my own greeting cards), but would pay to keep receiving the InfoAv Premium newsletter even though I too purchased a Lifetime subscription way back. I also have a Direct Key that I haven’t used yet. I feel your dread and empathize; just wish we had the right solution for you. Know that we’ll be praying for you to find a way to come through this bad time. I’m going to send a donation too after sending this off. Bless both of you for all you’ve done for us.

  33. Diane

    Your expert advice and knowledge has saved me a thousand times over the years. You should charge $20 to be a member of Cloudeight. Don’t give up!

  34. madeline

    if you have noticed most of the comments are from senior citizens who you have helped so very much…i purchased a usb flash disk from you in july 2009 and have never used it yet because i don’t know how…i also purchased one key this december 2012 and have not used it yet…i’m 81 years old and will get around to them when i have a visiting grandchild to help me..
    ….but i appreciated all you have both have done to help me along on things i was able to pick up on….i do intend to send you a bit $$ with a lot of thankfulness to go with it……………..sincerely, madeline

  35. Pam

    I have a lifetime subscription also and would be all for a yearly fee. Whatever it takes to keep you two going!

  36. Pat Lundbom

    I started to cry after reading the first few lines of your essay. I felt like I had just lost 2 great friends. I hope and pray that somehow you will be able to stay afloat. I don’t know how much my few $$$ will help, but I can’t let you go belly up without trying to do what little I can. God bless you both!

  37. Connie Norris

    I, like all the others, have come to depend on both of you for your computer knowledge. There have been so many times through the years that I’ve gone back to one of your InfoAve Premium news letters to find an answer to a problem I was having. I started out with Cloudeight because of the stationery and I’ve been with Not Over the Hill since the beginning. It has become a joke in my family that whenever computer talk comes up you can almost guarantee I’m gonna say something like “well….my computer peeps say…..”. Anyway, I’m sure I wouldn’t be as proficient with a computer without the help of both of you. Sure hope you can continue.

  38. Dori

    I’m so sorry you both are dealing with this! You have such a great site and take good care of your fans and customers. I have a love and a work in progress, too. SHE WOLF MEDICINE.COM !

    I use my own original photography. If I use anything from other artists, it’s properly purchased and identified in the item’s description. Are you able to work with the artists you feature or use any art that you personally create to sell to folks like me for use in our personal and commercial work? You know, for things like greeting cards, invitations, mugs, prints, phone cases, etc. If that’s workable, it opens a whole new stream of revenue. Personally, I’m a fan and I love what you’ve done over the years! Even if you can’t do this, thank you for everything. We’re all suffering from the economy. I use the little bit I make to feed animals at home and under the care of rescues or shelters. I’ll send you a little something, too. Dori at SWM

    1. infoave Post author

      Thanks so much Dori! We sure appreciate this and your offer to help too. Thanks so much!

  39. Patricia Mann

    I wholeheartedly agree with an annual charge for your newsletter, I’m sure we would all be happy to help in that way. Do you have the time to set up a greeting card side to your business that you can charge to be a member for that as I know most of my friends and family love to send cards on special occasions and I would recommend yours to all (but I understand that would take up much more of your time, just trying to think of ideas to help) :)). Love to you both, just remember we are all beside you and will support you whatever you need to do.

  40. Sally

    It really hurt to read your message today, TC. I am another fan who has been with you almost from the beginning and have really learned so much, and really appreciated the smileycons,(have given some as gifts)your stationary, discounts on software, newsletters etc. NOTH is a wonderful idea and very creative and your new Computer Repair service is wonderful. I have an extra certificate and know I will be purchasing more in the future. I have appreciated that you have resisted bundling and would prefer a charge for some of the services that are free now. I hope it helps both of you to see the love and support you have earned over the years. You are both respected and appreciated. I know that doesn’t pay the bills, but I believe your Cloudeight family will do all they can to see you through. God Bless you both, Sally T

  41. Cindy

    Yes, a yearly fee would not be too much to ask of (us)your subscriber’s. You guys have a wealth of knowledge and your info. and expertize wonderful, you would surely be missed! Also, the comment from one of your subscriber’s about a site like American Greeting’s might be an option as well? Take care and I wish you both the best. Cindy

  42. Janice Gower

    Oh so very sad. I agree with many others, I think the time has come for you both to see if you can charge for things and see what happens. You need to pay the bills. What would so many of us do without you? I feel my computer would not be running! THANK YOU BOTH for all
    you do for us.

  43. Lee

    TC & Darcy, Words fail to describe how your article “The Angels Come to Visit Us” has affected me. I haven’t experienced such a deep and moving plea for help in a very long time, not just financial but emotional as well. I am confident that my fellow users will respond to help you to the best of their ability. You owe it to yourselves to put your health, both mental and physical, ahead of all other things. Without that, none of us have anything. Secondly, put your family at the head of the list. Without their positive support, again, we have nothing. In your case let’s define family. Your husband, wife, children, and grandchildren are all there for you. You also have an extended family of thousands who care about you greatly even though we don’t even know TC’s first name (TC is probably not on your birth certificate in that format) and, to the best of my knowledge, we’ve never seen a picture of you.

    There are two examples of which I can recall that might be a solution for you. There is another newsletter to which I subscribe that charges an annual fee. Their requirement is that each person send in what is comfortable for them. There is no set amount. They have a number of paid staff and contributors and are, on all outward appearance, doing well as they have been in business for number of years. Since I don’t want to have this become a distraction I will not list their name. However, if you don’t already know and would like that information give me a method to send it to you privately. There is a web site builder application, KompoZer, that I have utilized in the past. On the KompoZer users forum the developer has stated that since he is a “one man” operation with a full-time job and limited resources that development is sporadic at best. He also stated that if he could get $1 for every time that KompoZer was downloaded he would have enough money to quit his job and devote his full-time effort to KompoZer.

    Let’s talk about Lifetime subscriptions. Yes, it was a good deal for those who signed up. You raised a lot of cash but in the long run you are losing money on that. Suggested remedy: go to an annual subscription fee of $24. Yes, I would pay that. Let’s face it, you can’t even buy a dinner for two at a decent eatery for that. I would like to think that others would also. Next is your free newsletter. Suggestion: Offer say six downloads for free and then the option to sign on for an annual fee of $24 or $1 per download. The expiration of six free downloads could be tracked via IP address monitoring. Next, put a server online that contains all your recommended freeware so that users can go to that sight and download the program without fear of any difficulty at all. Also consider asking someone who could act in the role of moderator/limited access administrator for that server to help you so that your administrative duties will be minimized. I’m confident that there are many who are qualified that would be thrilled to help in whatever way that they could to assist you. These are just my initial thoughts but I’m sure that I can come up with more in time, which I will be happy to offer for your consideration. Yes, TC, I’m long winded like you but I hope that this has helped and I hope that you will take the time to read this. We ALL want the best of everything that life has to offer for both of you both, personally and professionally. Take care of yourselves and we’ll all do our part to the best of ability also. — Lee

    1. infoave Post author

      Thanks so much for your kind comments and your support.

  44. Carolyn

    I agree with everyone here…your time and knowledge are needed commodities and are worth paying for as such. A fee of even $30/year would be worthwhile. Let me tell you, I’m only in my 60’s but am now the entire source of income for my married daughter, her hubby, my grandson, and myself. My son-in-law is a victim of this new budget crunch in the military and base supports. With 80,000 overmanned Navy, they cut everyone they could and he was honorably discharged 4 years short of retirement. This dip in economy has left him unemployed for over a year now and, as a newspaper carrier, my wee income and SSec is the only thing keeping us afloat. He no longer has benefits – neither medical, base privileges, nor income – but is still upbeat about finding a job. We both appreciate (more than you could know) your services and, even with our own financial difficulties, would scrape every spare coin we had to make up a $30/year subscription fee. Go for it! Know your valued info and your worth! *Hugs* to you both!

  45. Dolly

    For income try this:
    For those of us who have a lifetime subscription you could put a link on your homepage that would allow us to change to yearly subscription BY CHOICE.
    If everyone would pay $10.00 or $12.00 per year it would surely help you a lot.
    Please put a link for the option to allow us to change to a yearly subscription. Some people just wont donate but would be glad to pay for what they are getting. Strange but true!
    Let all the subscriptions be from Jan 1 to Dec. 31 each year and that would make it easy to remind us in the newsletter (at one time) that the subscription is due. (avoid bookkeeping)

    1. infoave Post author

      Hi Dolly, thanks for your nice comments. That’s a good idea. We’re exploring more ideas and we’ll consider your idea as well.

      Once we get a little bit ahead we’ve got some great things coming — free – for everyone.

      Thank you!

  46. Ramona Perry

    TC and EB
    I for one would be lost without the two of you and the knowledge you have and share with all of us. You are both very dedicated workers and offer all of us so much free info. I would be willing to pay an annual fee, I trust you both and appreciate what you do. Do not let your dreams go the wayside TC and take a little time for yourself and Darcy please take some time for yourself also, in doing so you will both find the answers that you need for Cloudeight. Have fun and live life a little more because all work and no play is not good for anyone.
    Love you both and just know that if you listen to your heart and dreams and also the Angels that surround the both of you, you will find your answers as to what you need to do for your company.


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