The Biodigital Human – A Cloudeight Site Pick

By | December 16, 2011
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OK my friends. The human body is beautiful until age wrinkles it up. But unless you’re a surgeon, the inside of a human body can be rather ugly. There are lots of wires and shiny things that look gooey to me. I would rather not see what goes on inside of me – or you. And I’d rather not have you see what goes on inside of me either – especially what goes on in my brain.

In the interest of expanding your computer knowledge and knowledge of your own inner workings, today’s site is one of the most amazing and interesting sites I’ve ever had the pleasure to view. It must have taken months if not years to put this site together. And we have an ulterior motive for naming this our site of the week: You have to have an updated browser to view it. Using old browsers is a good way to cause problems for yourself and for others as well. So in order to see this site you’ll need an updated browsers. We’re serious about keeping you safe and we’re serious about your privacy. So we like to have fun while reminding you that safety is important and reminding you that using the tools that help to keep you safe is important to us.

Anyway this our site pick is an amazing site that let’s you peer inside the human body so you can see what makes you tick. I submitted my superb body to this site for their perusal. Would you like to see me? I thought so. You probably have an image of me in your mind (wipe that drool from your lips, ladies). So it’s time I revealed myself to you:

Cloudeight Internet

Pay no attention to those yellow bones. I used to be a smoker.

If you’re interested in the human body and you want to view all aspects of it in 3D — our site of the week is for you. It’s called the Biodigital Human and you’ll need an updated browser to view it. We’re cleverly keeping you safe. You can visit our site of the week, “The Biodigital Human” here.

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