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By | October 20, 2014
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Someone called me snarky the other day; I couldn’t believe it! Me snarky?  I was cut to the quick – I had to look it up to make sure I was being insulted. But sure enough, I was right – I was being insulted. However the insulter was being a hypocrite since his vitriolic comment was snarky. That’s like the pot calling the kettle black – as my grandma used to say.

Snarky: (of a person, words, or a mood) sharply critical; cutting; snide. “the kid who makes snarky remarks in class” That I am snarky is news to me which is a nice segue into a unique site we just discovered for all you newsophiles. Seems like some people can never get their fill of news, even though the news is replete with sorrow, violence, pain, suffering, violence, killing, etc. But still, news is a big business and this is a big newspaper – and I use that metaphorically since this newspaper is not paper at all but zillions of tiny bits of data coagulating at a certain point in network of things, but what else can we call it.

Some of the articles in it may indeed be snarky, but most are informative and up-to-minute. So you can easily find out who is killing whom (or is that who?), what countries are bombing what countries, who stole the royal diamond, why you must have an iPhone and other trending stories you, if you’re a newsophile, will not want to miss.

What makes this particular news site unique, is the newspaper is endless or bottomless – if you’re an insomniac, you can keep scrolling and scrolling all night long – you can pull an all-nighter like we all did in college (and I am referring to studying all night for a test and nothing else in case you have a dirty mind) and never read the same story twice.

You don’t need to download anything — do not download the app unless you really want to. It works fine right in your browser – just keep on scrolling. Since this paper is a metaphor –no trees were killed in the creation of it. And if you look really hard, I’m sure you’ll find some snarky stuff.

If you want a bottomless, endless source of news,or you just plain have nothing to do, or  you’re weay of my alleged “snark”, you’ll want to visit PressReader the bottomless online newspaper.


3 thoughts on “The Bottomless Newspaper

  1. Wendy Fallscheer

    I have stopped reading the newspaper front to back as I used to – and I tape the news to that I skip all the horror. I used to love the news, but with what is happening today we have enough to worry about. I am 80 I want to go out smiling not scared. I worry about the young ones though.

    Love your humour as usual Keep going and be happy. I am not happy today I hate this Mac!!

    1. Sandra

      I, like Wendy, like your humor. I think I’m a bit of a snarky person too…….. certainly sometimes, anyhow. I have a friend who once called me Chief Thundercloud. It’s a crazy world out there and it deserves some snarky remarks. I’ll check out the news “paper” and thanks.

      Wendy, I’m not happy today, either. My husband is ill, facing possible amputation, and I have physical problems of my own. But I try to see some good in every day.

      Sorry you don’t like your Mac. I love my iMac…. I had my first one for five years and bought another one last year. I would never go back to a Windows machine. Once you learn how to do things with it, how it works, you will be very happy with it. Change can sometimes be frustrating. We do get set in our ways, don’t we…… anyhow, i hope you learn to love your Mac as I do mine.


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