The Easy Way to Recover Your Wireless Password

By | December 11, 2016
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The Easy Way to Recover Your Wireless Password

Many of you have wireless internet in your homes. This means you have a modem and a router…or a cable modem with a router built in. And many of you are either already using or will soon be using tablet computers and/or smartphones. And almost all of us who have tablets or smartphones will want to access our home wireless networks with these devices. And when you set those devices up to access your home wireless network, you’re going to need your network’s password (and please don’t say you have an open network, without a password!). Some of you wrote it down or memorized it or put it in a text or rich text file on your computer (bad idea).

If you start setting up your new tablet or smartphone and find you need your wireless password and you can’t find it, don’t worry. Here is an easy way to recover your wireless router security key, and it works well most of the time. It’s called “Wireless Key View” by Nirsoft. It’s a very small download – zip file – that you simply extract to a folder and click on the exe file to use it. In the main view you’ll see the key in both HEX and Ascii. You’ll be most interested in Ascii – that’s your wireless key. You can download WirelessKeyView from .

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Keep in mind that the above image doesn’t show my password, but it’s there, I’m just not going to show it in this newsletter. Not because I don’t ‘want you to see — I don’t want EB to see it! Heaven knows what she’d do with it.

Note there are two versions – one for 32bit computers and one for 64bit. And don’t forget to read the program’s documentation. Wireless Key View works on all Windows computer – Windows 7¬†through Windows 10.


3 thoughts on “The Easy Way to Recover Your Wireless Password

  1. Judy Nestibo

    EXcellent! Is there a way to get in to re name your router name? The person who set our router up spelled our name incorrectly and it bugs me every time I see it!!!!


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