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By | July 12, 2014
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Yes, I’m tooting our own horn here. But it’s not what you think. I, TC, have virtually abandoned our site NotOverTheHill and turned it over to EB to babysit. I am a bad boy.

Last night, I was sitting outside playing around with my Chromebook and I decided to visit NotOverTheHill for the first time in a long time. And since I was using my Chromebook, I didn’t log  into my account on “The Hill”, I just looked through a lot of the member profiles.

I almost cried — really. EB (Darcy) has done a wonderful job keeping The Hill a nice place for its members to visit and interact. I told her how much I appreciated her doing all this extra work to keep The Hill going and to keep it safe for its members. Instead of taking credit for this herself, she reminded me that she has several members that she allows to help her — that’s the kind of person EB is — she never takes the credit.

Well, I’m sure those she has chosen help her a lot and they’re much appreciated, but Darcy has put a lot of time and effort into making and keeping The Hill a nice place to visit.

We both know we’ll never be another Facebook but that’s a good thing. We don’t have to treat our users as veins in a gold mine — tracking and collating and manipulating user data so we can make billions of dollars. NotOverTheHill breaks even at best — and that’s mostly because its members support us by buying and using our products and services. We have never sold our members out — and we never will.

It really made me proud to be a part of Cloudeight and part of NotOverTheHill and EB’s partner. Most of the members of The Hill have spent a great deal of time making their profile pages beautiful and developing friendships with other members and in expressing themselves. Thank goodness for EB and all the members of The Hill for making it such a really great place.

Most members of The Hill have Facebook and/or Twitter accounts. Some have Pinterest or Instagram accounts. And thanks to the way EB has set up The Hill many members have feeds from their other accounts on their profile pages on The Hill.

I’m ashamed to say that had this been left up to me, there probably would be no NotOverTheHill — and that would be a real shame. I am going to start being more active on The Hill and more appreciative of my partner, EB for all the work she does that she never gets credit for.

If you’re not yet a member of NotOverTheHill, you’re invited to join today — it’s free and, if you visit, you’ll see how much our members enjoy The Hill. And if you’re already a member — thanks so much.

Our site of the week is NotOverTheHill, and it is a great place to visit and a great site to join. Members have fun sharing thoughts, pictures, blogs, and more. And thanks to EB, it keeps getting better all the time.

Come visit us and, if you like what  you see, become a member of The Hill; I’m betting you’ll like it as much as our members do. We’d like you to be a member too!

4 thoughts on “The Hill People

  1. HogMan

    Ok TC now that you have come clean about this matter i want you to know so that you can rest peaceful tonight that i have sent a text to Rocky and Killer to turn around and come on back. You would know Rocky and Killer when you see them because they are the ones with the bent nose ,black suits and driving the long black car and the bulge under their coats up around the chest area. So just you keep in mind that they are on call 24 hrs a day. Naw just trying to be a little funny and you both know we love you guys to death and appreciate you more than yall will ever know.


  2. Ken Roberts

    In my opinion the site is great to grand . we see a little bit of stuff but for the most part it is the cleanest social web site bar none . I have met the nicest people on NOTH and I quit for awhile but went back but it was a personal problem having nothing to do with the site. I now realize I should have left it open so now am trying to meet other nice people . I know it took a lot of effort to set it up so we could design our own page . I really think it is better than face book and a lot better than the rest. I thank you and EB for giving us a great place to socialize . I think I will go spend a few hours there today .

  3. Anna Kerr

    I joined NOTH when it was first established, but somehow I didn’t get it right. I contacted CloudEight for help, but couldn’t follow their instructions. By now, you know that I’m not very computer-literate. Every year I get several birthday greetings and feel badly that I’m unable to thank them. When I have tried, I am told that I am a “guest” and don’t know where to go from there. I wish I could contact these (and other) people.

  4. Ken Roberts

    To: Anna : you have to be friends with those you wish to leave comments to . just ask them to be a friend ,…


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