The History of TC and EB

By | October 31, 2013
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We have had many ask the story about how  Thundercloud and I met and how we developed Cloudeight… so the story begins:

Darcy (EB) wrote this in 2008 — things have changed so much in the last five years — but the history is still the same. We hope you all enjoy this little trip back to the beginnings of Cloudeight, when EB and TC first met. (TC 10/31/2013)

The History of TC and EB

It all started in a land far, far away.. well, actually it started in Michigan when I met my friends Orca and Ldy on the old IRC (Internet Relay Chat) Michigan Chat lines. We had a regular room we used to talk in and some time in 1996 TC came snooping around one day.. even though he was not from Michigan! It made him stand out, so naturally I began chatting to him. He was making a web page and was a newbie, so I took him under my wing, shared all my store of knowledge from the two months I had accumulated, and taught him how to put some images on a page. We started emailing and chatting about new things we were learning, and found that each other were eager to learn all we could! Wow.. a cybermatch made in heaven!

ok.. on with the story.. One day I was searching the web for something new I had just learned called “scripts” and set out to learn them inside out. I was playing around with one of these scripts (its something that automates something) and it made my picture appear to be scrolling. Wow! Something really cool! I sent it in email to TC and asked him if he could “see” anything. I was not sure if only I could view this scrolling picture or not!

He was as excited as I was.. instead of just answering me to say yes or no, I had to wait all day and my answer finally came.. he had created a nice graphic of his own (using skills he had obtained from the one and only… !) and had it scrolling away! We couldn’t believe something like this could be done on the computer, much less in email! We gotta tell our friends about this.. and off we went, emailing our friends with our new discovery.

We found our friends were just as excited about our new discovery, and soon they were asking how to do this. We tried to explain, but it seemed so complicated, especially for those that didn’t understand scripting, or those that did not work in PSP/Photoshop, so we “made” a stationery for them and send it to them in email. They would in turn click reply, remove all the text, change who they were sending to, and were sending their “own” stationery. It was a roundabout way of doing things, but it worked, so our circle of friends were having fun along with us now!

Soon the requests got overwhelming… just couldn’t find the time to send to everyone! So, TC and I decided to make a website page for our friends to download the stationery we had made. We created it from any pictures we thought were nice and soon we had 10 or 15 people a day coming to our new website. We were ecstatic when it hit 20! Twenty people in one day! We couldn’t believe all the traffic!

When we weren’t chatting, we were creating! We would spend days on a single stationery, sometimes editing an image one pixel at a time to get it to tile perfectly. I remember letting “the little things” go, like the dishes and the laundry so I could create!  We put our hearts into every creation, couldn’t wait to show each other, and up on the web it would go! Lucky for us, Thundercloud had his very own domain… it was empty so we had a great place to put our stationery! Cloudeight had not yet been born.. but soon would be and its home would be

Our next step was to come up with a name for our site. We pondered on this for days, tossed names back and forth, but nothing sounded “right”, until one day we mentioned something about being on cloudnine and how nice it was.. and it hit me.. lets combine our names.. (or part of our names!) and call our site Cloudeight! A step back from “being on cloudnine” but better! And finally.. a name that clicked and after all these years we are still known as Cloudeight. This explains why Cloudeight is housed on!

Jump ahead to today, we have a mailing list for our stationery and tech news with over 200,000 members, and while we have created many new sites and products since then, our stationery site remains our biggest site with nearly 10,000 visitors daily and more then double that amount during holidays and winter season.

An Afterward by TC

It has been five years since EB wrote this little piece. Little did we know in 2008 that one year later we would find our dream shattered by Windows 7. Windows 7 brought an end to Outlook Express and its sister Windows Mail. Our stationery, designed for these two great email programs, was about to become unusable by users of Windows 7. Microsoft decided not to include an email client in Windows 7 and offered Windows Live Mail (part of Windows Live Essentials) as an alternative. But Windows Live Mail was a resource hungry, flaky program, noted for being very buggy. We tried desperately to find a way to make stationery for Windows Live Mail — and Thunderbird — but it just wasn’t the same. Both clients allowed little more than backgrounds in email — and that’s not stationery, at least not in our view.

Our mailing lists – once over 200,000 gradually shrunk as Windows 7 users increased and our stationery, once the lifeblood of our business, was used less and less.

For the last 4 years, we have taken a beating financially. There were times we wondered if we’d make it through the next month. We existed week-to-week – and as I’m sure many of you know, that isn’t fun.

When things were good, Darcy and I got along famously — we constantly shared new ideas and had a lot of fun with the site. But things became deadly serious when we struggled to make ends meet. We took 40% pay cuts to keep things going. We worked harder but seemed to get nowhere.

In 2011 we started Cloudeight Direct Computer Care Services and things started looking up – but Cloudeight Direct takes a lot of our time because we are the kind of people who always want to to the best we can for everyone. To this day, we try to treat each computer we work on as if it were our own — and sometimes we are too fussy and take a little longer than we should with each customer — and we would not have it any other way.

To say the problems we’ve had in the last 4 years hasn’t affected our partnership and our friendship would be untrue. It has put a tremendous strain on us both. I tend to be hot-headed and gruff and Darcy is always the diplomat. So I guess I’ve made it harder on her that it should have been — Heaven knows it’s been tough enough.

So I want to apologize to Darcy for some of the unnecessary vitriol she’s had to endure. She really is a great lady and any of you who have been fortunate to have Darcy work on your computer via Cloudeight Direct, or who have had her answer your emails, know how special she is. She has been been the “bridge over troubled waters” and I thank her for everything she has done.

But there is one thing, more than any other, which has gotten us through the thundering rapids of decline — and that is you. Those of you who have made a donation, purchased one of one of products,  one of our affiliates products, or used our Cloudeight Direct Computer Care Services are the reason we’re still  here.

I am not an easy person to get along with — I’m very high strung and lash out too often when things don’t go well. I’m impatient and I can be condescending and gruff — but like Darcy, I too have a heart of gold and I am compassionate — I just don’t show it as often and as easily as Darcy does.

Without all of you — and without Darcy — Cloudeight would have fallen into the sea of dead web sites, long ago abandoned, and now forgotten. All we would have had left would have been good memories — because “…what’s too painful to remember, we simply choose to forget…”

Thank you EB. And thank you  to every single one of you.

And in the words of Tiny Tim: “God bless us — every one.”

Yes I’m, angry! Look at her hair…


55 thoughts on “The History of TC and EB

  1. Robert Fricks

    We are Blessed to know you and God will certainly Bless you both; although, I’m sure at times it doesn’t feel that way! Thank you for all you do for us…for so little reward.

  2. Jean

    What a wonderful article! Thank you for sharing this, it is much appreciated. I haven’t be able to contribute very much in the way of dollars and cents, but you are still so generous with your knowlege. You are such an asset to the world of computers.
    Thanks loads,

  3. pat

    SO happy to finally get your backstory. Often wondered about the 2 of you. Sounds like you live miles apart, right?
    Just want to say thanks for all you do. I have been getting your newsletter for sometime. Although I don’t understand a lot of it, I really enjoy the daily ones. I am afraid I don’t get to the weekly ones anymore but keep them on hand in case I run into a problem. I still use all the stationery I was able to get before it was cancelled. Lights up my day!
    Best wishes to you both! You are fine, upstanding folks! Probably thrifty,brave,and reverent too! LOL.

  4. Nancy Smale

    Great story and great folks. I have learned so much from you two over the years, it is unbelievable. I never download anything you don’t recommend, and always take your advice about security issues. Thank you so much for all your help over the years.

  5. Larry Deason

    I’ve been with you guys almost from day one and am so glad I was and am. I have used many of your services including the computer repair and Darcy did a wonderful job — like you said took too long doing it but I am so glad she did. I too have many of your products and enjoy them. I sure miss being able to do the stationary, there are only a couple of my contacts that can receive them anymore — in fact one says don’t ever stop sending the beautiful e-mails, especially the ones with music! Hope you can hang in there till the big bully’s bring back our e-mail! Keep up the good work!

    1. Larry

      I have found that Verizon, BellSouth, Earthlink, MSN(of course) cab use the Stationery. Comcast will put it in the corner and show it, but not the entirety. I still have quite a few people that I can sent to and, when I want to sent it to the ones that can’t get it, I sent as an attachment and then they all get it.

  6. Martha Gress

    What a great beginning together for both of you and thanks for sharing it with all of us. I hope you realize how much you have done for all of us. So knowledgeable and sharing it with others. I have learned so much and your computer care service has been a great help to me on several occasions. May you be blessed with many more years and they will get better I am sure. We all have to deal with hardships and disappointments thru our lives and it makes us stronger. Hang in there as we all need you to help us.

  7. Darla Ritchie

    TC and EB, you have taught me so much I can’t thank you enough. I know you have had hard times and I have tried to help as much as I can. I pray that you both will be able to continue because you are the best in the business. Thank you so much.

  8. Sylvia Kendall

    I second all that has been said by others. I have been with Cloudeight for years, although I can’t remember exactly which year I discovered TC and EB. It was a long time ago! I miss the beautiful stationery so much. Maybe one day you will discover a way to use it with the new email clients the same way it worked in Outlook Express. I live in hope. Thank you so much for all that you do for us computer users. May you be blessed with many more years of discovery and happiness.

  9. Greta Smith

    I too appreciate all that you two have done especially in educating us over the years. From a raw beginner I have progressed and have you two to thank for a lot of it, saving me from making bad mistakes or rectifying the ones I did make. I began by using your stationery and then on to your newsletter. It’s a shame that things have been so hard for you but I do hope that you continue and find new sources of revenue to keep going. We would so miss your unbiased reporting. I do hope you find satisfaction in knowing that you have helped unnumbered computer users who like me, needed a trustworthy guide into the cyber world.

  10. Betty

    What a wonderful article that made me realise that I have been with you practically from the beginning and am so glad that I have. You have helped me so much with your advice, and I loved your stationery and truly miss it now, so keep up the good work and perhaps we will have it back again. Even though I live in Austalia, it is so nice to know that you are always at hand with your wonderful knowledge and I have my key if I get into trouble. So keep up the good work and know that you have the support of so many people that believe in you both.

  11. Barb

    Well said, all who have commented. Where would we be without EB and TC. Grateful thanks,

  12. Reta Aronson

    Thank You to both of you.
    Many of us depend on this wonderful machine called a computer but it is the honesty and integrity that you both have to be our guides for keeping all of us in running order with your programs, careful selections of software, and your Direct Care Service. These are chaotic times but this is one area we can be grounded with your expertise.

  13. Jill

    Thanks for the memories – brought tears to me eye. Recalling my first encounter with your stationery. What fun my sister and I had – and when you added music – Oh, my. . .And, when you taught us how to add midis of our choosing – I thought I’d died ‘n gone to heaven. Thanks to you, I believe I’ve gathered the largest store of midis this side of the Mississippi. Tunes for kids, for young, for old ( like me) from the 30’s and 40’s. Gee, I do rambleon. . .THANK YOU BOTH for ALL the JOY you’ve brought to me – and me to others – thanks to you.

  14. Carolyn

    I was given a computer in 2001 and all they had shown me was how to turn it and turn it off. While stumbling around the web I can across and it changed my life. I became disabled in 1994 and by the time I found Cloudeight Stationary in 2002 I was pretty much given up on living. I learned to use the stationary and later took advantage of the Smileycon’s, Calenderpal. Folder Magic etc.
    I can not thank either of you enough for all you have given and all you have taught me. Because of you I have met wonderful people all across the country and some overseas. I got to see the world and learn new things all here on my computer. I have been blessed beyond words by the two of you and the wonderful folks on Information Avenue Forums. Graphics, building a website, HTML, pc ins and outs and so very much more all because of Cloudeight.
    I have had the privilege of TC working his magic on my computer, and anyone who can put up with me, even by remote, is a saint! EB has personally answered some of my questions by email and it just amazed me she took the time to do so. No one on the internet can compare to the two of you in all that you have done, provided us and the help and tips to keep us safe on the net and our computers running smoothly.
    If I could pay you what your worth you would be a millionaire.
    God bless you abundantly and keep you in his care. I pray that all the ills and hurts that have transpired between the two of you through all the changes of the past 5 years will only make your partnership and friendship stronger with forgiveness and hard work.
    Love to both of you,

    1. Larry

      Well said, Carolyn. I am also disabled. I depend on my computer and getting information out to my family and friends.

  15. June B

    Well,there is nothing left to say after reading the rest. I know you have been my “saviour’ more than once.I purchased your new programs. Thought I had followed the directions, but whatever my computer didn’t work & my son, from Denver, had to ‘logmein’ and had to uninstall them I didn’t try it again.I kept the antivirus. I would also like to have my Windows 7 email turned back. You two are so full of knowledge, it makes my head spin. Seniors aren’t as brain snappy as others & find me re reading many Premiums a few times to understand it mostly digest it, Don’t give up you two can never be replaced you know.Maybe you could give me an appointment to change the email, as well as download Sticky Fingers,etc. and the other one. I downloaded your Reimage & cost me over $500 to get it fixed by one of our geeks . Tuesday is my only busy day taken for the week. God bless… June

  16. Barb Branca

    It’s very hard to put into words just how much you are appreciated by so many of us. Your patience and kindness as well as your knowledge has helped so many people for quite some time now. We most sincerely hope that we will have this rapport for many, many more years. It’s a rare things these days to find people who are as devoted as you two are and are willing to share their knowledge with others so freely and patiently.

    Thanks to both of you and may you both look forward to a future filled with the knowledge of how much you are appreciated by so many.

  17. Gail

    Not sure there is anything left to say, except that I agree completely with what has already been said. I learned computers from the ground up on DOS and then along came Windows. It made computing much more fun. Then I found CloudEight and their wonderful, fun stationary. I became a Lifetime member and have never missed reading one of your newsletters that arrives faithfully in my inbox each Friday. I have donated, purchased many of your products, have a couple of your computer care keys and know that when I need them EB & TC will be there to help me out. I just had Darcy do my Windows Mail and have been so excited having it back on my machine.

    I know times are hard for all of us and I will do what I can to continue my support for you. You two have given so very much to all of us and we do not want you to go away. Bless the day the two of you found each other out there in cyber-space! How lucky for all of us.

  18. Narnies

    Oh! this is such a personal and lovely story I remember the early days when I first took my first stroll on line and joined up with NOTH what a wonderful experience and learning curve for me and I cant tell you how much I have learnt from You both. thanks so much for the sharing and the wonderful site you have created. I believe in Karma and you have a bucket load heading you way. Hugs Narnies. xx

  19. Cynthia Brown

    Without your help, my computer would most likely be dead by now. I post your articles on my facebook page and recommend you to everyone I know. My sister and friends have purchased direct computer service keys from you and you’ve done great jobs. You both are amazing! Much love and thanks!

  20. Larry

    TC, I have been fortunate to have Darcy work on my computer and, she has given me valuable advice many times. She has gotten back with me in super time and cleared up a lot of problems! I have XP and I am going to be depressed when I have to give it up. I will try and go to Windows 7 as I am not completely sold on Windows 8 or 8.1. VISTA was a horrid problem and when faced with the choice of VISA at the old Circuit City, I chose to stay with XP. It was the last one that they had. Why in the world does Microsoft want to abandon the best system they every had and the most dependable?

  21. Virginia

    Thank you for sharing this with us. I have been with Cloudeight eversince I got my first computer in the spring of 1999. I truly love the stationery. I was always so excited when you would add new. I try to help every way I can by using you for my homepage and purchasing things I can. I am old and a widow and I can’t begin to tell you how your tips and information have helped me through the years.

    God bless you both and we will do our best to keep you going.

  22. Dr Dan DeLoge Sr

    Gosh, your beautiful “walk down memory lane” brought back a flood of pleasant memories for me as well. I think that I’ve used almost all of your wallpaper collections at one time or another and till this day, continually read your daily and weekly news releases faithfully.
    Thank you both for sharing that wonderful bit of history.

  23. Eddie Stair

    Thanks for the wonderful background story. You guys were destined to be with each other. I can truthfully say that your site is one of the true blessings that I have received over the years from the Internet. You have been SO much help to me and all of us. Please keep doing the great job you’re doing!

    One last request….How about a photo of you both? It would be so nice to put faces with your articles. Heck, I’ll even send you one of mine! In fact, we all ought to send in pics to see who is who. Have a great Thanksgiving and Christmas and God Bless you for all the wonderful and friendly advice and assistance!

  24. Gene Bousquet

    I’m a believer and look forward to all your info daily. How about honoring all your readers with a picture of both of you that we can put on our desktops as a reminder to check with you both before we screw up on a problem?

  25. Patricia Klun

    Even though my sons gave me an iPad because I am now bed/wheelchair ridden, I still use your home page. I still tell everyone about you, too. My sister absolutely loves Darcy. I miss not being able to use your site, and buy the things I used to buy. You should be developing your own email program for people to download and use. I’ll bet you would gain back all you lost – and more. I wish you the very best the future has to offer. You are the most deserving of people. Sincerely, Patricia Klun

  26. shari carter

    I agree,not much left to say. However, this last entry requesting pictures of you both was a keeper! I would like to add my name to that request. I do appreciate you both, and someday SOON I hope to be able to call in the service Ipurchased, but have to have Desktop changed to 7 before I do.

    Stay well and inspired and don’t give up on anything. When you least expect it, help will arrive. Trust me on this!


  27. Avey

    I loved the Story as I love you both. I help where I can.Thanks for all you do.


  28. Barbara Dolezal

    Just wanted to add my thanks and best wishes to two great, dedicated people for helping all of us out here. I started my pc learning when we lived in the country and I had dial-up internet. What a bummer! Lots of areas have improved over the years but not been the help and support of you two. Please keep on keeping on…we’d all be lost without you. And like everyone else, I’d love pictures just to see what two angels look like.

  29. nick

    awesome story. got lump in my throat. i got my first computer in 2001 and was at the stage that i had to call my son to figure out how to log off. when he told me to click on START i realized just how far i had to go. shortly after that a friend directed me to Cloudeight and i have looked forward to your friday newsletter ever since. i don’t consider myself an expert by any strech but most of my friends who had computers long before i did now call me to ask about various things and i have you to thank for that. you have done for me what all great teachers do. they motivate, encourage, challenge you by providing information, point their students in the right direction and take the fear out of exploring and pursuing ideas. education is truly a life long pursuit and you have helped me enormously.

    thank you both and i will continue to support you in any way i can.

  30. Barry Walper

    Thanx for the article. I think I have been with you since pretty much the beginning. I didn’t know that until I read the article. I have an expression I live by & as far as I know made up. “There are two ways to do anything ………… the right way & any other way”. It is great to know others also try to live by this motto. That would be you folks & I’m sure most of us followers are impressed & inspired by you cyber-morality & your up front & honest approach to all you do. I have enjoyed all the years with you so keep it up please. The good fight is not always the easiest one but it will always be “the good fight”.

  31. Rich Gamelli

    Have been with you guys for a number of years and consider your articles to be lifesaving as it pertains to computers and life experiences. Particularly the rant about High Fructose Corn Syrup years ago(what an eye opener)
    Have purchased products in the past and after this last report on thinking seriously of purchasing.and BTW I too would love to put a face to the name

  32. Ms. D

    All who wrote before me expressed exactly what I feel and more! I love the story of how Thundercloud, Cloudeight, and TC and EB came into existence. Always wondered about that… 😉 And I agree with those of you who said we need a photo(s) so that when we think of TC and/or EB we have faces to put with the names of two folks who work so very hard on all of our behalfs. And I truly agree with Patricia Klun’s comment about developing your own email program so that we could all get back to using your wonderful beautiful stationery. I truly miss using it since kicking Incredimail to the curb well over a year ago now because of your good advice. I am currently unemployed and have to closely watch my finances but should you develop an email program, I would be one of the first in line to purchase it! I really mean that… Blessings to the two of you now and always. Have a wonderful holiday season and keep doing the good works that you do for all of us each and every day!

  33. Cheri G

    Ditto Ditto to all of the comments made by everyone. Have been with Cloudeight since the beginning. I have four children who come to me because they think I know so much about computers. Not true but what I know and recommend to them and my friends is all I learned from TC and 8B. You two have made PCs fun. It is because of your ideas and programs that lets me be the brains in this family when it comes to computers. Thank you and everything will be fine.

  34. Diane

    I too have kids who ask me questions too,(who would have thought eh!)I too have followed Cloudeight from before 2001, not sure exactly, but long time ago….I have always researched well as they do too, and it’s what they also advise us to do, they don’t ask that we follow blindly… so thanks to both of you for all the hard work you put into it, it is very much appreciated by me for one, and I know many of our other members will also agree….

  35. Margaret

    I heartily endorse what has already been said.
    I would be lost without the help I’ve received, from Darcy and TC. A photo would be the icing on the cake. Don’t stop doing what you do, as so many of us depend on you. I will continue to support where I can.
    Love to you both.

  36. Donna Mae

    Well folks it has all been said –All I can say is– I AGREE.

    I have one key– which I have had for a long time–and just didn’t use. Now I will— and also buy another. AND– I want Emissoft NOW. So maybe I can get it all at once. Contribution on the way. By cheque.

  37. JoninOz

    From all of us in Australia, Goodonya cobbers, TC & EB ….Oi, Oi, Oi.

  38. Ric Taylor

    Like many have said before me, I ‘stumbled’ upon Cloudeight while looking for something different to use in my emails, and I have been with you both ever since.
    And, like so many others, I have learnt so much from you both.
    I was quite hesitant when it came to getting a Windows 7
    computer, but the advice I got from the Information Avenue Newsletters was so valuable, I soon found my way around the system without too many ‘major’ problems.
    Now that I have a Windows 8 system, I find that I am often going into the back issues of Info Ave to check out the various tips and tricks.
    Thank you both so much for your unfailing dedication to providing us with such relevant and timely information.
    I said it once before, and I’ll say it again: “Your blood’s worth bottling”, which is a BIG compliment from here ‘Down Under’.
    All the best to you both.

  39. Diane

    Gee, I wish I could ‘remember’ HOW I found you; wish I could ‘remember’ even WHEN I found you. All I know is I’m GLAD I did!!! Many computer newsletters have come and gone…you are the only one who has made the lasting mark of worth!!! All I can add is MY THANKS for putting up with ‘us all’; we’ve kept you busy haven’t we….and to ‘think’ computers were/are suppose to get easier! Love to you both

  40. Judy

    When I had to buy a new computer (my old one was hit by lightening), I wanted windows XP. It was so easy to work with, but I knew Windows 7 was the new up and commer, and windows XP wouldn’t be supported forever, so I got windows 7.

    I’m so very, very sad that there will be no more beautiful stationery from Cloudeight. I’ve enjoyed using your stationery for years. I sure wish there was some way it could be continued.

    Thank you so much for all the hard work you’ve done over the years creating all the beautiful stationery that I’ve so enjoyed for many years.

    My very best to you both,

  41. Helen

    It has all been said, wonderful story, I don’t know what I would have done without you all these years, you have helped me and I have been able to pass your info onto others, so you keep my computer running well and a lot of other peoples.
    I try to help out financially as much as I can and will continue to do so, you both are loved so much

  42. cathy

    Boy, there isn’t much left to say, except thank you, thank you…. Love you both bunches; since I got my first computer in 2001 & a friend told me to sign up for your emails, as I was constantly pestering her for help as a newby..never looked back. You’ve been there ever since. Purchased many things thru you’re site; now the keys for repair & thanks to Darcy I now have Emsisoft; it’s great !!! Thanks again Darcy for spending too much time on the install..I almost didn’t go thru with it because of the horrible panic attacks I get; so glad I did !!!
    will try to help you out whenever I can.. Bless you both

  43. Snowflake281

    I’ll never be able to recall what internet search I was conducting way back when that led me to the C8 website in the first place, but whatever it was all I can say is I’m glad it brought me there. I think I was searching for email stationery. You two have had such a positive impact on so many of us in teaching the goods and bads in the world of personal computers. I feel like I came in on the ground floor of something really good! Stay strong and keep on keepin’ on! Love you both.

  44. Ken Roberts

    You know me and you know all of us in someway or another. what little I have contributed would not help much but if many did that and more often than I do you would be in good shape. I guess I have been with you fellers since I bought the first one a Cow (Gateway) and it came with the normal hard drive 10 gigs. Windows 98 second edition it would not work right and I was on the phone to Gateway more than I was on the computer.I ran into the web site for stationary and found you had a news letter and I have read it ever since.Thank you for all the help you have gave me and hope I can help Cloud eight soon.

  45. Jean Leclair

    I was glad to read your story. I have enjoyed being with you for the last number or years. Darcy has helped me to keep my old computer going. I know I will have to change in a short time from now. I have made copies of the information that you put in your weekly and daily info’s. I often check back on this info to help me stay on my computer. I want to thank you both again for being there. I also thank Darcy for working on my computer although there are days I want junk it but still is working. My thoughts are with you and I enjoy TC’s stories.
    Thank you and God Bless

  46. Donna Sullivan

    Dear TC and EB,

    I have been a premium member for years and you have faithfully served me and taught me so, so many things and we have had humor along the way. I made the decision to take a leap and go all Apple last year when I heard that Windows 8 was going to be another possible disaster and Windows 7 already was bad enough. So I still sent you money to do with as you see fit because I believe in you and I knew that you desperately needed it. I still have a Windows computer in my office and if I need help you will be the first one I contact. But I still read your newsletter every week and then forward it to my Windows based friends who in turn are now learning. Please hang in there. There are thousands of us who appreciate and love you because you have been adopted into our family. Keep the faith and you will be in our prayers.

  47. Doug

    That was a really neat story. If the world had more people like you two in it we wouldn’t have the problems we are having now.
    How about running for president and vice president. On the other hand, that wouldn’t be fair to you two. You don’t deserve the headaches that would bting.
    Just wishfull thinking!!!

    God bless and good health….

  48. Lilian Connolly

    Hi Darcy and TC. Nice to read your updated story but sad to hear how tough the times have really been for you in the last few years. None of us ever want you to take down Cloudeight though because you continue to share your vast knowledge of the ever changing computer technology and have done so with honesty and integrity – and that is what people really appreciate and want to support you when we can. I’ve been your student for 13 years now and say so with gratitude for all I have learned from your news letters. Love and all the best going forward.

  49. Melanie Wood

    The story of TC & EB was pretty much what I had made up in my own head: fun and oh-so smart people! I’ve had TC work on my computer a couple of (very fun) times, and communicated via email with EB, who I suspect might play angel to TC’s curmudgeon. I try to keep up on computer tips, but I came very late to pc use: 2008. I made use of comuputers and programs as a part of my job (fraud investigator in the Mortgage Industry)but never got an overview of how they work. I pour through the Dummies books and get all freaked out. It’s a historical thing with me: the only time I freak is when self-doubt tangles me up. That’s my issue. BUT! It’s okay because all I want is to write and research. So I consider my PC as a word processor with a library attached to it and I’m much happier. And I know where to go if I get in trouble. (I do wish TC would get off his duff and finish his story about the young lighthouse girl and the grifter with what I suspect is a jerk….can ya do somethin’ about it EB?
    Off to donation station now. $ee ya all there!

  50. Barbara Curths

    Hi TC and EB,
    We go way back to when I was a newby to the computer world. It was your stationery and the Forum that drew me in, and I wanted to learn how to make stationery myself which I did with the help of my friend Eva. I also found Cloudeight Forum to be such a friendly place where I didn’t have to worry about people using foul language, etc. I felt protected. I have met a miriad of people since those first encounters with those affiliated with C8. Now I have my own website. I feel I owe you a big thank you for getting me started in my computer journey, so thank you! And thank you too for always being here for us when we need an answer, for your integrity and generosity. I so appreciate your newsletters, and well, I simply appreciate YOU! And EB, when I have you work on my computer, you can come in person as we live so close and I’ll even fix you lunch!!! LOL TC, you can come too but you’ll have to get up early to get here in time. Big hugs, Barbara

    1. infoave Post author

      Chicken, ducks, turkeys, geese. I use a lot of “foul” language. Oh sorry, it’s fowl, like bowl only with and “F”.

      The weather here is fowl tonight – 🙂

      Thanks Barbara 🙂


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