The Truth About the March 8 FBI Internet Shutdown

By | February 21, 2012
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We published an article about the FBI and a possible shutdown of the Internet millions of users infected with the DNS Changer Trojan. The information we had, came from reliable sources. We’re not sure whether we consider PC World a reliable source but their information seems credible.

But we want to emphasize that the DNS Changer Trojans infects millions of users and those users may lose their Internet connection even if the FBI is not involved directly.

Apparently the FBI issued a warning to all Internet users in November 2011 about the DNS Changer Trojan – and it’s still pretty scary stuff. Does it really matter if the FBI shuts down access to the Internet for infected users, a Trojan shuts down the Internet for infected users – or a gang of criminals shuts down the Internet for infected users? The result is the same — and everyone should visit this page to check to see if their computer is infected. It only takes a minute or two. Most likely you’ll find you’re not infected – then you won’t have to worry about your Internet connection being interrupted — or worse. Much worse. Read on…

Here’s an excerpt from PC World blogs — posted on 19FEB2012:

(from PC World)

Like many memes before it, this dire warning is floating around blogs and sites. It even names a date: March 8 as the day the FBI might “shut down the Internet.” But relax, that’s not really the case.

While yes, an untold number of people may lose their Internet connection in less than three weeks, if they do they only have nefarious web criminals to blame and certainly not the FBI.

If people end up in the dark on March 8 it’s because they’re still infected with the malware the FBI started warning people about last November when it shut down a long-standing Estonian Web traffic hijacking operation that controlled people’s computers using a family of DNSChanger viruses. The malware works by replacing the DNS (Domain Name System) servers defined on a victim’s computer with fraudulent servers operated by the criminals. As a result, visitors are unknowingly redirected to websites that distributed fraudulent software or displayed ads that put money into the bad guys’ pockets…

Here’s the worst part: The malware also prevents security updates and disables installed security software.

(Read the rest of this article here.)

6 thoughts on “The Truth About the March 8 FBI Internet Shutdown

  1. rON

    Love your newsletter. You have published two times that I know of in the past few days and never have mentioned what the little ole lady, that sees the red screen, is to do. Can she come back into her house in a few days? Or does she have to move out.

  2. Matthew

    You guys really take the cake. Is that the way I’m suppose to say it? At any rate, I sure do appreciate the way you guys take care of your “fans.” About the only way that some people would have heard this news from Microsoft is if they have subscribed to a certain Microsoft newsletter. It has been brought to my attention that there’s a lot of people who don’t get that newsletter, especially new users. And here comes TC and EB to the rescue. You guys are one helluva team. Thanks!☺☺

  3. Judy D'cruz

    What would you do if you cannot access your Google Apps data on March 8th? We are backing up our data with a company called SysCloudSoft that offers on premise backup at just $399. You can access all your data offline and view emails in Outlook/Thunderbird. They also offer a free Google Apps backup for all personal users. I backed up  Gmail,Google Docs,Contacts,Sites and my Google Calendar –

  4. DeeDee

    Hey Guys & Gals
    This is the first time I have heard about this DNS Trojan period. I did not get notified from FBI/Microsoft about the March 8th Internet Shutdown! I have a desktop PC with Windows XP on it and I have an iPhone. Question? What about Apple products-is this only affecting or going to affect Windows based software? This is unreal,and not this way I wanted to have to hear this kind of Urgent News for sure, as I haven’t seen anything on the news which I watch everyday! Why are we as tax payers paying the governments employees salaries not notified in every way possible? I know you or yall are not responsible for informing we the people of the USA of such a drastic or should say Catastrophic disaster that would virtually shutdown the whole population on March 8! We are only told what they want us to know and no more! We should all be notified by an Official FBI email (considering Big Brother knows everything keystroke we make. If you do a search on how to make a bomb – hello the FBI will be knocking on your door in a New York minute)but if you all remember over the years we have been warned about fake emails from the FBI and if you open the email you are going to be infecting/your computer is going to get the Blue Screen of Death or be affected or your personal information/identity will be taken from you. So who or whom are we to believe anymore? RIGHT!!! I trust you guys and have been a subscriber of your site for years! You are wonderful & I love the jabs at EB-LOL! I have been reading your emails and using the freeware programs you trust, and I subscribe of course to your Cloudeight Daily emails for many years now! Keep up the good work & thank you so very much for your informative emails as I rely on them so much! I will get my desktop turned on and do the scan you gave us. But still concerned about my iPhone, and this DNS Trojan so could you let us know if we need to worry about MAC/Apple software hardware/iPhones/PC’s/iPads etc…being volunable to this type of attack? Your reply and/or post regarding my comment would be much appreciated! You two make a great team!
    DeeDee (Debbie)

    1. infoave Post author

      Apple’s O/S’s, Android and Linux are not vulnerable to this particular Trojan. Thanks!

  5. Mary

    Hi. I just wanted to throw my two cents in as I was infected with this awful Trojan. First let me put your fears to rest… The FBI isn’t “shutting down the Internet”. They are shutting down a series of DNS addresses within a certain range that the criminals used. This bit goes into your computer and router and changes your DBS servers to redirect you to malicious websites that look identical to where you wanted to go to get your information like passwords, etc. it is these ‘rogue servers’ they are shutting down. If you are infected with the software then after the 8th you won’t be able to access because you are being taken to places you really don’t want to go. They have done the best they can to alert us. For example I have gotten emails and super-imposed notifications over web pages I was viewing alerting me to suspicious activity. I hope this explanation (although not complete) helps you understand what is going to happen.


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