Windows 8 File History

By | February 19, 2013
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Windows 8 includes a feature that automatically and regularly backs up your libraries, contacts, desktop, and Favorites to any second drive you choose (External, internal, even a USB flash drive). To select a USB flash drive as your choice of drive, insert it and choose “Configure this drive for backup using File History” from the menu which appears.

To set up File History, go to Control Panel, System and Security, File History. Click “Exclude folders” and define what you’re saving and what you’re not. Under “Advanced Features” you’ll be able to change the backup frequency and change other advanced settings. If you need to change the drive to which you’re backing up your files, click “Change Drive” and then click “Turn on” enable File History with your customized settings.

File History is a great way to back up some of your most important files regularly and reliably. After you’ve been running File History for a while, you can check any file’s history in Windows Explorer by selecting it, choosing the “Home” tab and then clicking “History”.

One thought on “Windows 8 File History

  1. Scotty

    Hi guys
    I don’t appear to have a System and Security setting, I do have a ‘System’ setting but there is no ‘Security’or ‘File Backup’ on it.
    I am currently backing up to an external which is also backing up to another external (as I run a business from home)but hey – cant have enough backups can ya?

    Love you work



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