Thoughts At Thanksgiving Time

By | November 23, 2016
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Thoughts At Thanksgiving Time

When I think of Thanksgiving, I think of myself as a young boy, watching the Thanksgiving parade on television, mom busy in the kitchen preparing our Thanksgiving dinner and the feeling of love all around. I remember gray, cold and cloudy days and the steamy windows that cooking made. And I remember Thanksgiving snowflakes in the air.

My best Thanksgiving ever came when I was 9 years old. It would become the Thanksgiving Day to which all my other Thanksgiving days would be compared. It was also was my mom’s last Thanksgiving, although none of us knew it would be then.

In my memory I can see my dad in his chair, reading the newspaper, my sister – all of seven years old – helping mom in the kitchen, and me in my innocence, unaware of what precious memories were unfolding.

And as I remember that Thanksgiving Day, I feel the warmth of the love that only a family can provide. Life was so simple then. My entire world was comprised of a tiny house, on a quiet street, in a very peaceful little village, situated quaintly on the shores of Lake Erie. My world, that world, was all I needed then. Everything was perfect in that very small house on Thanksgiving Day. A day that now seems so long ago — and so far away.

One year later my world would be turned upside down and it would never be the same again. Mom died just a few days before Thanksgiving the very next year. I was ten-years-old.

That perfect Thanksgiving was decades ago;  I’ve had dozens of Thankgivings since. Yet, I compare every Thanksgiving to that magical and perfect one.

It’s funny how some events in life make an indelible mark on your memory, a mark that doesn’t fade no matter how much time passes. And, I’m reminded again, how it is always the things that are unplanned,  the ones that do not seem so important when you’re experiencing them that often turn out to be the greatest momens of all – and the ones you remember most.

The most precious memories are not planned, they just happen.

I’m not sure if I will ever have a Thanksgiving like that one again. I doubt it. Maybe because that day has been honed sharp in my memory so long it seems better now that it actually was. But, I’m thankful that I have that memory because I can relive that very precious Thanksgiving every year.

I can feel the love and the warmth of that day. Although, some say you cannot bring back what is gone, I disagree. Every year that Thanksgives again returns and I, for just a fleeting moment, feel the warmth and love of my family, on that Thanksgiving day, so long ago. It is one of the things that I am most thankful for every year. I hope that my children will look back someday and feel the same about a day that I have given them.

Special moments just happen – you can’t plan them.

I bet most of you have memories like mine. That ever-so-slight pause in “the now” where you drift back to a time long ago when the world was a little quieter, life a little simpler, everything a little more innocent and the world just a little bit more perfect. Allow yourself to experience the evanescent pleasure of it.

I think that the Holiday Season is the best time for reliving the most precious memories, as well as for making new ones.

In today’s world, where a person’s worth seems to be measured by his or her wealth, not one of the things for which I am most thankful is material. It is not the cars, houses, boats, stocks, bonds, computers, not any of the “things” I have at all.  My family and those ethereal fleeting moments, those bits and fragments of dreams, those passing glimmers of hope, and the lasting love of family and friends that are my most precious treasures.

It seems to me so very strange that we spend most of our lives in pursuit of “things”. We work so hard to acquire them. We spend time away from those we love working, making ends meet, and trying to achieve some glorious financial success however elusive it proves to be. But wealth cannot buy a single one of the things that are worth the most.

It is a tragedy that some will never learn that simple, elegant and lasting truth.

Anyone can accumulate “things”, but until and unless you have acquired the real treasures in life, you actually have nothing at all.

So this Thanksgiving, be thankful for the treasure you have. Your family and your friends are the most valuable things you’ll ever have. Be thankful for them.

We hope all of you make many beautiful new memories this year. Remember that the most special memories will be the ones that were not planned.

Do not think upon the things you don’t have, think of all the blessings you do have. Look at the treasures you have – your family, your friends, your children, your grandchildren, your memories.  For where your treasure is, your heart will be there also.

Give thanks for all the blessings and the treasure you have.

We wish you all a very happy and blessed Thanksgiving.




8 thoughts on “Thoughts At Thanksgiving Time

  1. Debbie Fahlman

    You are so right! I will never have a lot of money, but I have a lot of memories, friends & time spent with family making the memories I enjoy today.
    Thank you for nudging me to remember those days! The simple things in life are free & I am rich in memories & the simple pleasures I enjoy with friends & family.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you & Darcy!

  2. Nora

    AMEN! Happy Thanksgiving from Canada to both of you. Hold those you love near.

  3. June

    Bless you for giving us this time of remembrance. Even tho our Thanksgiving has come and gone here a day doesn’t go by that I am thankful for memories of family yesterday’s. Make more each day. You can never go back for them

    Moms, be an “at home Mom” you will never recover all thr greatness of being a Mom and being there for the all the firsts you are missing now because of wanting material things and you are letting ‘someone’ else raise your babies….not worth it. More money will never, ever take the place of being a loving Mom and giving your children lasting family memories…not ever!

  4. Wendy

    I lost my mother on 30th December, 1983. She was of Scots descent and New Year meant everything!! We have never celebrated in quite the same way since. Christmas is way more important for my family now. My children are both married with children of their own so we try to be together on 25th December.

  5. Jean

    This year my daughter and her husband invited us for Thanksgiving. This is the first time for us. We generally go to eldest daughter and her family. We enjoyed our first Thanksgiving with their family. I am glad we got a chance to visit after all these years. On Sunday we will also join with our other daughter and their family. I thank my children and hope we can do it again.

    Hope you and your family had a great Thanksgivings

    God Bless.


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