Tips for Outlook Express and Windows Mail

By | March 21, 2011
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#1. Another way to add attachments to your email messages

Did you know that Outlook Express and Windows Mail let you easily attach a file from your desktop (or any other folder) simply by dragging the file into the message area of your e-mail? It’s the quickest way to add an attachment to your email message. When you drag the file into your email message, it will be automatically added as a file attachment. And, conversely, you can drag file attachments from received mail to your desktop or any other folder. We suggest that you scan any attachment you receive with a reliable, updated, anti-virus program BEFORE you open it.

#2 How to add new email accounts to Outlook Express or Windows Mail.

From the Outlook Express/Windows Mail Tools menu, select “Accounts”. In the Accounts dialog box, click the “Add” button to display a drop-down list from which you can choose new mail, news, or directory service account. Select “Mail”. You will need to enter the following things: the type of connection you have, your POP3 or IMAP outgoing and incoming mail server names, your name as you want your recipients to see it and your e-mail account password. Repeat these steps for each account you want to set up. Windows Mail and Outlook Express allow you to set up an unlimited number of different accounts.

After filling in the necessary details, you can further customize each account with the properties that you desire. For example, you might need to customize an e-mail address that you share with a family member that requires you to leave mail on the server. Highlight the specific account and click the Properties button in the Accounts dialog box. Then, configure additional settings in that account’s Properties dialog box.

#3. Adding people to your address book (in Windows Mail, the address book is called “Contacts”)

You can easily add an address to your address book from anyone who sends you an email by doing the following:

*Highlight the message from the person you want to add to your address book. Right-click then select one of the following from the menu that appears:

–Outlook Express users choose “Add sender to address book”.
–Windows Mail users choose “Add to contacts”.

2 thoughts on “Tips for Outlook Express and Windows Mail

  1. Ken Roberts

    You can also right click on the file and click send to email recipient and if it is a picture it also gives you the option of making it smaller or leaving it as it is .

  2. Ken Roberts

    when you right click on email recipient it opens the program for you , just an after thought , I have so many nowadays as I have passed on to the elder section of the bus .


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