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By | September 6, 2011
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Ever been working on something and Windows keeps urging you to reboot? Windows XP doesn’t give you a lot of choices. You can either not reboot and put up with annoying reminders, or you can reboot and get it over with. Windows Vista and Windows 7 are a bit better. You can postpone your reboot for several hours or more – but sooner or later you’ll have to reboot. Right?

Sometimes though, it’s just easier to save your work and let Windows do what it wants to do. At least it won’t bother you for awhile if you just give in and say -“OK Windows, boot if you want. I’m so sick of your reminders!”

After you’ve saved all your work, you might have other things you were going to do, things you were working on, that you’d like to get back to once Windows has done it’s thing. If you’re anything like us, if we walk away for 10 minutes, we’ll forget what the heck we were doing. And by the time we remember it’s too late to get started.

It would be nice if Windows was kind enough to reopen the programs that we were using when it reboots.  And yes, it’s important to install Windows Updates and it’s important to reboot after Windows updates — if a reboot is required for the update to be installed. But still, it’s an aggravation to have to remember what the heck we were doing when we rebooted Windows in the middle of a work session.

Enter, Cache My Work. A little program that will remember what you can’t. It will remember all the programs you had open when you rebooted your computer for whatever reason – or when you walked away from your computer and Windows rebooted itself. Cache My Work presents you with checklist of programs that you were running when you rebooted and lets you choose which programs you want to reopen. It will also let you restore any Explorer windows you had open too.

We’ll let the author tell more about Cache My Work, since he knows it better that anyone:

“Cache My Work is a handy utility that enables you to reboot Windows without losing your place in your work. It builds a checklist of currently open applications, and will restart the apps you’ve selected the next time you logon to the computer. Cache My Work is great for occasions when you need to unexpectedly reboot, such as on “Patch Tuesday”, after installing new drivers, or when Windows runs out of Desktop Heap, Handles or GDI Objects…

If you’re like me, you avoid rebooting your computer because it means you’ll forget what you were working on. Every time I have to reboot because of some install/uninstall/patch, invariably I forget half of what I was working on because I don’t remember all the docs and apps I have to reopen (those 5-15 minutes between “shutdown all apps” and “logged in, Windows quieted down” are huge opportunities for me to be randomized and lose my short-term memory cache).”

This is a great little tool that will come in handy often. Cache My Work is available free from this location.

Cache My Work is a 428KB download. Cache My Work works with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 – 32 and 64 bit.

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