TV PC repair scams – save your money!

By | March 27, 2011
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Lois wants to know about a program called “Clean PC” she’s seen advertised on TV
Thanksgiving was restful and full of good food. We all know TC loves eating……right EB! Recently there’s been an ad on TV regarding a PC cleaner. The web address is (link removed to protect our readers). I’m wondering if you know anything about this program. I will not try a new program unless it is approved by you. Getting your approvable has worked for me since you started this wonderful newsletter. Any information will be appreciated. Lois

Our Answer
Thanks for your nice comments, Lois. Whenever we see a question like yours we think back to a time when we had our first computers – and being excited with Windows 95. Windows 95 was a huge advance over Windows 3.1. But computers in those days were underpowered and minimalistic, and they’d always start running slower and slower as time went on. And we were always looking for that one magic bullet – a program we could install and make our computers run faster – or better yet, make them run like new. Of course, there really wasn’t such a thing then – and there isn’t now. MyCleanPC is just another over-priced scam – like FinallyFast and the others. They don’t work, they’re nothing more than very poor registry cleaners and ostensibly, malware removers – although some people claim these kind of programs actually add spyware to computers. We’re not sure about that – we’re not about to add to their fortunes by buying into their scams.

There is no Santa Claus. The companies who promote these kinds of computers spend millions advertising and make millions more duping those who are not computer savvy with such nonsense as “Does it take longer than three seconds to download your email?” That’s a completely ridiculous question. It depends on how many emails you’re downloading and how big each one is – and what kind of connection you have. Even with a fast broadband connection it’s going to take you longer than 3 seconds to download 10 or 15 emails. Why? Because your email program has to query the mail server, the mail server has to respond, then there’s the authentication process. All that takes place before the first email is downloaded. So of course almost everyone will answer “Yes! It does take me longer than 3 seconds to download my email!”. But guess what? After you pay $29.95 or whatever for MyCleanPC or CleanPC or FinallyFast – it’s still going to take more than 3 seconds to download your email. Paid actors testifying to the marvelous qualities and miracles performed by these kinds of programs does not make it true. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

A honest-to-goodness, tried and tested registry cleaner like Registry Commander, can help your computer run faster and run faster longer. But it is not the all-in-one miracle fix like MyCleanPC, FinallyFast, Clean PC and other programs of their ilk claim to be. The only thing these magic-bullet programs make faster is speed at which money flows from the wallets of the people who buy them.

If you’re having serious computer issues – or your computer has slowed down to the point where it is difficult and/or annoying to use, there are two things we recommend. The first thing is Reimage. It’s not a magic bullet – it can’t take a computer with serious hardware problems – like failing hard drives, failing graphic cards or overheated motherboards and make it run like a new computer. But it can take a computer with corrupted Windows system files, a damaged registry and/or other software-related issues and make that computer run faster. It is not a cureall. It is proven to work because Reimage works by replacing damaged and corrupted Windows system files with pristine copies of them (from Microsoft), repairs any registry errors and removes any malware it finds. We recommend this option before you take your computer to Geek Squad or some other expensive computer repair service. What they will do is format your hard drive and reinstall all your drivers – all for around $200 to $400.  A format and a reinstall of Windows will always make your computer “run like new” because you’re starting all over with Windows – but you’ll lose everything unless you have good backups. You can perform a format and reinstallation of Windows yourself for $0 – it will take you about an hour. You can get the correct drivers from your PC manufacturers web site.

But even a format won’t help if your hard drive is failing -or you have other hardware issues. Only replacing the affected hardware will fix hardware issues.

Don’t allow TV advertising to scam you out of your hard-earned money. Those “magic bullets” you see advertised will do nothing for your computer – you’ll be wasting your money.

2 thoughts on “TV PC repair scams – save your money!

  1. Ken Roberts

    To bad the millions do not use Cloudeight news letter because millions are scammed every day . I have used Cloudeight for about as long as they have been on line I think they may have been here a year or two before I found them , but I thank God I did find them . I have fixed many frustrating problems to make it worth while to have this valuable letter each week and now we have a daily which is great . I hope they make a million this year they sure do deserve it . Thanks much to the expertise of both of these fine people . I appreciate you both .

  2. Frankie Martin

    I know that when I became a member of Cloudeight, I hit the jackpot. Then, I was not too knowledgeble with computers. Your information, directions and insights have made me a pretty good computer operator for a senior citizen. I never downloaded anything that you did not recommend and will continue. Scams are all over Internet. Thank you both for your wonderful Newsletter and great comments.
    I am addicted to Cloudeight and dont know what I would do without it.


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