U.S. Government to Tell How They Used Exploits …Except…

By | April 14, 2014
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Heartbleed kicked off a new chapter in the rollicking discussion of privacy, digital security, and the role of government in protecting its citizenry from threats both real and imagined.

News of Heartbleed broke early last week, starting a soul-searching bit of Internet-scrambling by services large and small to examine their own networks and products to see if they were exposed to the flaw. Much work remains for those impacted to get their services air-tight and patched, with certificates and revoked and replaced. It’s no small task, and one that isn’t nearly done.

Friday brought allegations that the NSA not only knew of Heartbleed, but had used the exploit for some time, perhaps two years. The NSA, in a statement, denied this. The White House followed suit. Since then we’ve learned a few things that are worth keeping in mind.

Let’s begin with what the U.S. government’s policy is regarding revealing flaws in Internet security. The New York Times wrote the key report on this, based on sourcing from “senior administration officials.” The gist here is that the U.S. government now claims to have a bent towards disclosing what flaws it does find, provided, as quoted by The Times, there is a “a clear national security or law enforcement need.” 

Read the entire article on Techcrunch

One thought on “U.S. Government to Tell How They Used Exploits …Except…

  1. HogMan

    TC thanks for this article. It just goes on to prove that the government will get to the point to where everything that they do or find out will be on a need to know basis for the public and if you want to control the masses then they don’t need to know then you tell them what you want them to know and we are very close to that place now. There is no need to worry about it because we the people are letting this happen as all governments in the world have done before us. We as a people have got to come to a point where what we decide at the ballot box is good for all people and not just a few. People have a tendency to thank of only what they want and not whats good for all. Whats the saying ( bad things happen when good people do nothing ) or something like that. Anyway i leave all the great quotes to TC which is a very learned youngster. Thanks again TC i Tells Ya


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