Unleash the Artist In You With This Cloudeight Freeware Pick

By | March 24, 2012
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Freehand Painter
Freehand painting program
Works with Windows XP, Vista, Seven, Windows 8 (32bit/64bit)
Approx 3.2MB

I’ve always wished that I could paint. If I were an artist I’d paint nostalgic scenes and be a time traveler. I’d paint steam locomotives and old main street scenes of beautiful women with parasols and men in top hats and waistcoats. I’d paint bucolic scenes of autumn trees along dirt roads with horses and buggies transporting their passengers to places unknown. I’d paint scenes of children splashing in rain puddles and laughing in their innocence.

Alas I cannot paint and I’m not an artist; I envy those who are. How amazing it must be to take the images in the mind and put them down on canvas.

Maybe you’re an artist or maybe you have some artistic talent to unleash. Or maybe you’re like me and you can barely paint a stick figure. Regardless of you artistic ability, I think you’ll find this freeware pick a fun program at the least, and perhaps a program that will help release the artist inside. You never know.

This Cloudeight Freeware Pick is called “Freehand Painter”. It’s about as simple to use as these kinds of programs get. Just download and install it and you’ll immediately get the hang of it. Look below to see the wonderful painting I made in just a few minutes! For $1500.00 I’ll send you a signed original 🙂
Cloudeight InfoAve

The picture above is my handiwork – I told you I wasn’t an artist! But if you are an artist or have a lot more talent than I do, you could paint something like this with Freehand Painter:

Cloudeight InfoAve

The author will put his two-cents worth in now, if you don’t mind:

“Put your paints, brushes and canvas aside! Freehand Painter helps you create vector-based impressive paintings with brilliant effects on your PC. You can try out different artistic styles in this easy to use application. Just doodle on your touch screen PC to create realistic paintings with your fingers.
You can achieve the expressiveness of natural media with vector graphics. Its simple user interface keeps everything at your fingertips. It is ideal for anyone who wants to paint or draw on their touch screen computer.

Design attractive logos, or create eye-catching web graphics with the simple and adjustable brush tool. Adjust the size of brush tool, with the sliding scale to create colorful lines of various thickness. Use a preset color palette or make your own unique color ranges, to give your painting a professional look and feel.

Make your artwork perfect by using Freehand Painter’s editing tools. Use the lasso selection to select a shape, just by dragging a marquee around it. Instead of erasing your painting pixel-by-pixel, use the stroke eraser. It erases the entire stroke that you have drawn. You can compose a painting with several independent layers using the layer functionality…”

So there you go my fellow artists – grab Freehand Painter and create something beautiful and have fun doing it too! You can read more about Freehand Painter and/or download it from the Freehand Painter site. It’s freeware and  contains no bundled software. Have fun!

Do you have a freeware program you love? Tell us about it!

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