Use Fakespot to Spot Fake Product Reviews

By | November 12, 2019
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Use Fakespot to Spot Fake Product Reviews

It’s hard to believe that the holiday shopping season is just around the corner. And if you do much online shopping and if you’re like us, you somewhat rely on customer reviews when deciding to buy. And if you read the reviews, no doubt you wonder if you really rely on them. Are they actual customer reviews or fakes? It’s a sad fact of online shopping that many fakes reviews are posted by paid trolls and by bots,  and sometimes it is very hard to know what to believe.

Just in time for your holiday shopping, we found a site that might be of help to you if you’re looking to separate real customer reviews from the fake reviews. Keep in mind that nothing is perfect, but this site does a good job weeding out the fakes.

The site is called Fakespot and here’s what they have to say:

Analyze reviews within seconds and get in-depth details.

Fakespot will ensure you get the most up to date and relevant information to make your online shopping experience as safe and trustworthy as possible.


We are committed to changing the way people shop online.

We believe in the importance of user reviews. With so many online shopping options, a strong or weak product review can have a huge impact on whether or not a purchase is made.


Shoppers in need of a second opinion use Fakespot when considering their next online purchase. Our proprietary algorithms look for patterns to filter out fake reviews we think are unreliable. But don’t take our word for it – you be the judge.


But don’t take our word for it – you be the judge… Fakespot can help you ferret out fake reviews on eccomerce, Amazon, Yelp, Wal-Mart,  Sephora, Best Buy, Hospitality, Trip Advisor and more.

Cloudeight Site Pick

Cloudeight Site Pick

The site is called Fakespot. All you have to do to use this site is just paste any Amazon, Yelp, Trip Advisor or Apple App store product in the form on Fakespot and click the Analyze button.

Remember, this site can help you when you’re doing online shopping especially when you are relying on customer reviews to help you decide which product(s) to purchase.  You can use this site as a guide.  use this site along with your own research and good common sense to decide which product(s) to purchase.

Give Fakespot a try the next time you find yourself relying on customer reviews to make a choice when purchasing a service or product.

3 thoughts on “Use Fakespot to Spot Fake Product Reviews

  1. Cynthia

    I’ve been using this ever since it came out, but lately I’ve been wondering how reliable it is. You have an item with many hundreds, or even thousands of reviews that generate a 4.4 and above rating. You look at the reviews and it appears that most are “verified purchase” reviews … And yet, Fakespot will give it an F. This isn’t just an occasional happening. I am disabled and shop heavily online, and on and this is pretty normal; to have many good verified purchase reviews but still get an F from Fakespot.

    1. Rose Smith

      Used it for 2 or 3 years and came to believe the only thing fake is FakeSpot. Look at some of the reviews posted for it .

      1. infoave Post author

        Fakespot rates reviews not products – I saw the negative comments on the web and they expect Fakespot to be foolproof. That’s why we noted in our article here As we said use your own research and common sense and not rely on FakeSpot or any of the others like it. It’s a tool, not an answer. If you go by verified buyers on Amazon, it means little since companies pay people to buy the products and then [ay them tp give them a good review. People make a lot of money doing this. Verified buyers? Yes.Honest buyers? Not so much.
        Interestingly, everyone that gave this a bad review does not appear to understand what Fakespot does. It rates the quality of the reviews, not the product. We have no interest in Fakespot and we don’t care if you use it or not. We’re just trying to clarify what it does. We use it often, but just like “verified buyers” we take it all with a grain of salt. You have a browser, and you have search engines at your fingertips — and you have common senseFakespot is another tool, it’s not a panacea.

        Nothing is going to protect you from everything.


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