20 thoughts on “What Email Program Do You Use?

    1. Maggie

      Dear TC,
      On your recommendation I am now using Thunderbird so that once again I am able to apply stationery to my e-mails. For that a big thank you and do hope that you also receive the accolade and the appreciation from those who are now able to take the opportunity and pleasure of using this program. Please keep up the good work in helping those who still struggle with modern technology and still have many shades of grey.

      Stay well and involved so that people like me still have your expertise to call on. Well done.
      Kindest regards,
      Marguerita. (N.Z).

    2. Carrie

      I am one of the lucky computer nerds. I have a friend that works with computers, inside and out, and she installed Thunderbird and Mozilla Firefox on my computer so very, very, very many years ago. I did miss stationery on a program I used before Thunderbird but now thanks to C8 I am able to use stationery once again. I read each and every one of the C8 InfoAve Premium and learning a lot of other things and I don’t have to “bug” my computer friend as much. She thinks C8 gives a lot of good information to computer nerds like me. Sometimes I send an article from C8 to my computer friend and she already knows about it or has it running somewhere on my computer BUT! once I sent an article from C8 to her and she hadn’t heard of it and proceeded to check it out and said C8 was right. Thanks once again, TC&EB, for all your hard work and I am happy to donate/donated to help keep your Web Site and C8 up and running……………….

  1. geraldine power

    I have been using this program now for about 15 years now and I can’t complain about it, I rather like it and I also can go in on the server and see my e mails and decide which ones I want to download or delete.

  2. geraldine power

    I have been using this program now for about 15 years . I rather like it. I can go in on the server and see my e mails and decide which ones I want to download or delete

  3. June

    I know I am very outdated with this but I’m just so comfortable with it now I can’t seem to change to the laptop with Windows Mail & all their new ‘gadgets’ to click on…

  4. Marinus Pieck

    I have used Microsoft Outlook for many years now; presently it is Outlook 2016, with which I am extremely satisfied.

  5. Lainey

    Incredimail – have used it for years without any issues or problems. Simple to use, good graphics. Have outlook installed, but don’t really use it. I’d hate to get too reliant on Microsoft! Tried Thunderbird long ago and didn’t like it at all.

  6. Robert Palmer


    As you have so often told us, Thunderbird is as close as one can get to the old OE.
    As for Incredimail, I did not think it was an email “programme” but merely a titivation of existing email servers.
    A distressing number of my contacts use it and I suspect that, somewhere back down the track, they foolishly obeyed the standard exhortation to “Click Here” that appears in that ridiculous panel at the end of Incredimail messages.
    I curse it every time I am cleaning up an email for forwarding because others don’t deserve that crap.

    1. diane

      totally agree about incredimail, don’t like it because of all the tracking it attaches to your email messages and no matter how much you try to clean it up it still has garbage attached to it,

  7. David Norcott

    Been using Windows Live Mail since Windows 7 ; while not as good as Outlook Express, I have become familiar with it, but now that it will no longer be supported by Microsoft I have installed Thunderbird due to it’s suggested use by Cloudeight whose advise I always trust and appreciate ! I presently work between the two as I try to familiarize myself with the differences of Thunderbird !

  8. Doug

    I use Outlook Express on my XP and Windows Mail on my Win 7. My first source of viewing is the web mail that my isp provides. I then save what I want to keep on my XP or Win 7 cpu.

  9. Jeanne

    At home I use Thunderbird for our ISP mail. then for my personal I use all 3, Gmail, Yahoo & Hotmail. At work we have Microsoft Outlook.

  10. Jason Miller

    I prefer Outlook because Microsoft will always support it for one thing. Right now I have Office 2013 until I can afford to upgrade to a newer version. The other reason is Outlook is the email program my wife uses at work and she checks her emails every Sunday night at home before going in on Monday morning.
    She likes the idea that we have the same program and format at home that they use at work.
    Happy wife. Happy life.


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