What is a “Shell Extension”?

By | November 5, 2011
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Shell Extensions are usually very small programs which you install like a regular program but don’t appear on the start menu. You “run” these tiny applications simply by right-clicking on a file or folder – and the “shell extension” displays an additional menu (in addition to the normal right-click menu you see when you click on a file). They are called “Shell Extensions” because they extend the Windows shell. Pretty clever, right?

Shell Extensions are one of our favorite types of software because they are most often focused on performing useful tasks. For instance, one of our favorite shell extensions is called “ContextMagic” which allows the user, simply by right-clicking on a file, to move or copy the file to any other location on the computer, to copy the “file path” to the clipboard and several other useful things – all accessible by a simple right-click.

ContextMagic is a great example of a useful shell extension. Try it and you’ll be hooked on Shell Extensions like we are. Shell Extensions – small, useful utilities that you run simply by right-clicking on a file or folder!

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