What’s your favorite browser?

By | July 14, 2015
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What’s your favorite browser?

Another night, another poll. This week we’ve found out that a majority you named Google as your favorite search engine, and that about 66 percent of you are going to be upgrading to Windows 10 or buying a new computer with Windows 10 on it.

Now we would like to find out what your favorite browser is – that would be the browser you use most often.

So please, take our “What’s your favorite browser” poll and feel free to sound off in the comments section.

7 thoughts on “What’s your favorite browser?

  1. Art P

    I used to use IE all the time because I didn’t understand Chrome but now that I have figured it out I use Chrome all the time and like it much better.

  2. Jennifer A

    I use Chrome having migrated from IE, then Firefox. I like it very much.

  3. Jean

    I use Firefox just because I feel more security with it. It has served me well for a number of years now and I see no reason to change.

  4. Michael Moseley

    Like everyone I used IE at first. I heard of FF and used it because it was faster plus the add ons. Then it began to have problems with flash so I ditched it for Chrome. I used Chrome for a short while and it began to have issues with flash and locking up. Went back to FF now. I’m really not pleased with it so much. If keeps locking up for some reason even after I disabled all the add ons.

  5. Ken Roberts

    I use Firefox most , but I may switch because it seems to be letting me down as of late it hangs a lot and the other two I have never had that problem .

  6. Rosa

    I have ie 9 with my Vista which has been giving me problems. How would I change to firefox or chrome?

  7. Debby Crafton

    I use Firefox because I haven’t had time to figure out Chrome. I’ve got it downloaded and experiment with it occasionally.


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