Why you should always use a credit card when you shop online

By | September 23, 2011
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There is hardly a day that goes by when we are not contacted by someone who’s been a victim of some scam or fraud – most of them are victims of rogue security programs.

We cannot stress enough how important it is that when you purchase online you use a credit card. Yes, there are some of you who insist you’ll never use a credit card online – and we’ve told you over and over again if you buy from Walmart, Target, Walgreen’s, or any major retailer or restaurant and you use a credit card, you’re already buying online. The only difference is instead of typing your credit card number, it’s being read from the magnetic strip on the back of your card. Numbers are numbers whether scanned or typed – and those transactions are all being done online just as certainly as if you were sitting at home on your computer.

When you pay by credit card online you’re getting extra free insurance. Most credit card companies will not hold you liable for a single penny if you buy stuff on the Internet that turns out to be garbage — or if your credit card is used without your authorization. And, if you are charged for something you don’t want, or that is garbage when you get it, or that doesn’t work when you get it, guess what? You can call your credit card company and have that charge immediately removed. So you have insurance that someone who pays with cash or check doesn’t have. Try getting your cash back from some of these Internet companies. It may take you months to get our money back – if you ever do.

So besides using a credit card to protect yourself when buying online, what else can you do? You can report any scams or frauds you’ve seen to one of the following:


Protect yourself when shopping online and use a credit card. We use credit cards online all the time. We like PayPal because when we use PayPal we don’t have to type in our credit card information every time – and the vendor we’re ordering from never sees our credit card information. PayPal is one of the largest credit card processors in the world and one of the most trusted. If you don’t have a PayPal account, you should look into getting one.

Oh, and another thing. There are always vocal minorities who have problems with things most people don’t whether it be cars, airlines, credit card companies, Walmart, Target, restaurants, and yes, PayPal. Remember – these are vocal individuals who don’t really back up their complaints with facts. Usually they use hearsay to backup their rants. Don’t listen to the voices of those powerless few who are looking for empowerment by ranting and raving against everything. We’ve been using credit cards online for over a decade and we’ve never had a single problem. We’ve used PayPal thousands of times and never had a problem.

Do yourself a favor and use your credit card for all online purchases and do everyone else a favor by reporting fraudsters and scammers.

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    1. infoave Post author

      Probably not, but you’d need to check with your bank on that. There are many banks and many types of debit cards, and we couldn’t tell you what protections your debit card offers. We can tell you that almost every major credit card offers really good protection when buying online.


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