Windows 10 Checkup & Customization

By | July 31, 2016
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Windows 10 Checkup & Customization

Many of you have upgraded to Windows 10 and are now learning the new operating system. We can help make it more familiar – and we can optimize it for speed and privacy. We are introducing a new service called “Windows 10 Checkup and Customization” – and it’s available for a special price right now.

Cloudeight DIrect Windows 10 Checkup & Customization

If you have upgraded to Windows 10 or you have purchased a new Windows 10 computer…

We’ll check your Windows 10 to make sure it’s set up for best performance & privacy – and a lot more!

With our Windows 10 Checkup & Customization Service we will:

  • Check over your Windows 10 installation to make sure everything is set up right
  • Set your default apps to your preferences and check to make sure they have all their defaults
  • If you have an external hard drive – we’ll set up File History backup and make sure it’s working correctly
  • Check over Windows Update options, background apps, and Windows feedback settings for best performance & privacy
  • Install a Windows 7-style start menu for you, if you choose that option.
  • Service available for computers which were upgraded to Windows 10 or new computers with Windows 10 pre-installed.

Visit this page to order!

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  1. Kay Brekke

    I can not print pictures from windows 10. I can get their but no print.


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