Windows 10 has a great right-click menu

By | February 21, 2016
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Don’t forget! Windows 10 has a great right-click Start menu too
Windows 10

Windows 10 has a lot of great features, and we’re discovering more every day. One of the features we like about Windows 10, obviously, is the return of the familiar start menu which is actually more configurable than any previous Windows start menu. One of the only things I personally liked about Windows 8.1 was its right-click start menu. Wisely, Microsoft decided to keep the right-click menu in Windows 10 – we think that’s was a great move.

The right-click start menu gives user quick access to many Windows features like Programs and Features, Control Panel, Power Options, Computer Management,  Disk Management, Run dialog, Command Prompt (Admin), Task Manager and many more. And every single one of these is easily accessible by with a single right-click on the Start button.

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Above: The right-click Start menu in Windows 10.

And if you like desktop shortcuts, press and hold the Windows key while clicking the X key. The right-click menu will open that way – without any clicks at all.

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