Windows 8.2 Coming Soon

By | April 22, 2014
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The next Windows 8 update could be called Windows 8.2


According to popular Microsoft beta scene group WZOR, which has accurately delivered copious amounts of news, screenshots, and leaks regarding the development of various versions of Microsoft Windows all the way from the Windows Vista days to today, Microsoft is planning on releasing the next update to Windows 8, which was announced at BUILD 2014 and brings windowed “Modern” Windows Store applications and the return of the Start Menu, before the end of the year. What’s more, according to the group, Microsoft is planning on releasing the update not as Windows 8.1 Update 2, as you might expect, but as Windows 8.2.

This reinforces the notion that development of Windows “Threshold”, which many expect will be called Windows 9, is too early in development to be a serious contender for release any time soon. Microsoft’s latest update to Windows 8, Windows 8.1 Update 1, brought significant changes to the operating system, including usability improvements for keyboard and mouse users and the ability to pin “Modern” applications to the desktop taskbar. Considering Windows 8.1 Update 1 could have easily been called Windows 8.2, there seems to be little rhyme or reason to Microsoft’s marketing of Windows 8 updates. But no matter what they’re called, a significant update is a significant update, and Windows 8 needs all the improvements it can get.

Source: WZOR

4 thoughts on “Windows 8.2 Coming Soon

  1. muriel

    “………..there seems to be little rhyme or reason to Microsoft’s marketing of Windows 8 updates.”

    Maybe the operative word is “marketing”. If Win9 release will be later than predicted, then at what point does Microsoft start “selling” Win8 versions. and start calling them “upgrades” instead of “updates”. Maybe Win 8.2 will be one of those “upgrades” you can get for a price?

  2. Nora

    OMG! I just got a computer with 8.1 in February 2014 then had to update/upgrade to 8.1 Update 1 in April 2014 and now have to look forward to another before the end of the year???!!! At what price….my sanity I suppose! Or a chunk out of my wallet??? When is the madness going to end….oh how I miss that wonderful 12 yr. running XP in spite of some of its flaws!

    1. connie

      I miss my XP too. I was having a few issues with my computer and took it to the computer shop that I had always gone to and instead of fixing the problems, they did away with the XP and gave me Windows 7 Home Edition and this was at least around 4 or five years ago. I was so mad at them. They told me that XP was being discontinued in a matter of a few months. I am still trying to learn my way around 7.

  3. Bigart

    You miss XP????? Why did you get rid of it??? for a cat in a sack??? Not me.


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