Windows April 2018 Update Fails: We couldn’t update the system reserved partition

By | May 17, 2018
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Windows April 2018 Update Fails: We couldn’t update the system reserved partition

“We couldn’t update the system reserved partition” is an error we’re seeing frequently when people try to install the Windows 10 April 2018 Update. The System Reserved Partition (SRP) is nothing mysterious. It’s a small space that Windows reserves on your hard drive so it can store boot information for Windows 10.  Some security apps and Windows itself may write to the System Reserved Partition (SRP) and consequently all the reserved space is filled. Microsoft should have already found a way to automatically increase the size of the SRP when doing a major version update, but so far they have not… leaving many people dealing with the “We couldn’t update the system reserved partition” error. This prevents them from updating to the newest version of Windows 10, until the error can be fixed.

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If you get the error “We couldn’t update the system reserved partition” when trying to install Windows 10 April 2018 Update (Windows 10 version 1803), the first thing you’re probably going to do is search for a solution. But you’ll find the solution is complicated and includes a great risk potential for harming your computer if you don’t precisely and exactly follow the instructions provided by Microsoft (and other sites) for fixing this error.

Luckily, we’ve found an easier solution from a company called EaseUs. EaseUs has been around a long time and enjoys a good reputation. EaseUS makes some excellent free drive partitioning software that’s fairly easy to use. EaseUs provides a much simpler solution to the “We couldn’t update the system reserved partition” error, than Microsoft does.

So, if you’re one of those who are getting the “We couldn’t update the system reserved partition” error when trying to install the April 2018 Update, visit this EaseUs page for an easier way to fix this problem.

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8 thoughts on “Windows April 2018 Update Fails: We couldn’t update the system reserved partition

  1. Anthony Tonda

    How do you know if you get this error? I installed my Spring update by downloading and creating an ISO. I never received anything regarding this SRP error.

    1. infoave Post author

      This does not apply to everyone. Only those people who tried to update to version 1803 and couldn’t … because the System Reserved Partition couldn’t be updated. If you updated to the new version then this doesn’t concern you.

  2. Mike G

    This kind of thing is why I changed to Apple products long ago. Windows was a constant frustration!

  3. Ken

    My three computers updated to 1803. Now I can’t network between the three of them. HomeGroup is gone. They try to give instructions saying you can still use the network. But their instructions stink. They DON”T work. Now I’ve got three computers that can’t communicate with each other.

    1. Rich


      I had a Home Network that worked fine 4 or 5 units, and now have the same problem. I hope and pray that Cloudeight will read and respond to this. I trust them.

  4. JonInOz

    The best solution that Microsoft should undertake to solve the Windows 10 problems is to throw the complete O/S on the scrap-heap and continue producing and servicing Windows 7 ad infinitum.
    Not surprising is the continued upkeep of Windows XP as used by many Defence Forces and government departments in the USA, Britain and other countries.


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