Yahoo Is Worst When It Comes To Censoring Your Email

By | January 31, 2015
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Yahoo Is Worst When It Comes To Censoring Your Email

Yahoo with its PUPs toolbar and other questionable products and business practices, is also the worst -by far – when it comes to delivering email addressed to you. Unlike other providers who may send certain email to a junk or spam folder, so the recipient can make the final determination whether or not the mail is wanted or unwanted mail, Yahoo summarily deletes mail it doesn’t want you to have. Who knows what reasons Yahoo has for censoring your mail? The don’t have any set guidelines – they can summarily censor anyone, any company, any domain they like.

Their lack of transparency when it comes to how and why the censor your email makes us wonder whether they use it as a tool to keep you from receiving email they don’t want you to receive. Everyone knows Yahoo has had their struggles – do they block email from competing companies? Do they block email from long-time critics like us?

Well, here is the latest delivery report for our Cloudeight Information Avenue newsletter. Tell us what you think?

If you look at the chart above you’ll see that, of the major Web Mail services, only 14% of Yahoo recipients actually received our newsletter, where as 99% or more of Hotmail, Gmail, Comcast and MSN¬†subscribers received our newsletter this past Friday.

If you’re still using Yahoo Mail, please reconsider. While the above chart only shows the delivery rate for our last newsletter (and this is a typical Yahoo delivery rate for the last six months for our newsletter) it is not a huge leap of logic to conclude that Yahoo doesn’t deliver all of they mail addressed to you. They, not you, decide what mail you will receive and what mail you will not receive – and that, friends, is called censorship.

One thing for sure, if you’re using Yahoo Mail you’re not getting all of your email.

10 thoughts on “Yahoo Is Worst When It Comes To Censoring Your Email

  1. William

    Can you show a persistant span of months where the delvery of your newsletter was not delivered to those who use Yahoo and requested said newsletter. Do you have verifiable proof that Yanhoo has censored others email. It would be wrong if they did it to you wht you say they are doieng, and at the same time it woud be worng to accuse them of censoring the Yahoo Mail accounts of their members withou\t hard undeniaable proof. Sugggest to those who use Yahoo to receive your newsletter that the switch to another email client. Don’t use scare tactics to achieve your goal.

    1. infoave Post author

      We have six months worth of proof that most Yahoo users didn’t get the newsletter to which they subscribed. Can we prove that Yahoo intentionally censored it? No. The fact that less than 20% of Yahoo users get the newsletter is enough for us to conclude they are preventing their subscribers from getting their email. Additionally, more Yahoo users have had trouble with the security of their accounts than any other Web mail service…and that you can research and can prove.

      We don’t much like Yahoo – and apparently they don’t much like us. It’s a losing battle, I’m sure they don’t really give a darn what we think – just shut off the valve.

      You’re using Yahoo and you have no way of knowing what email is not being delivered to you unless you are expecting something and it doesn’t come.

      We would never ever trust Yahoo with any important email account – but to each his/her own.

    2. Cmayer777

      I just had Yahoo reduse my email in the middle of an exchange about buying a boat. WTF Yahoo? Then I tried rewording and my gmail address can no longer send anything to any yahoo account. Never seen this before. I guess in a free country, companies like Yahoo are free to censor discussions of boat purchases.

    3. Lili

      Yahoo does more than censoring newsletters, it writes advertising pretending they are news, censors comments by specific words (such as vaccinations, pharma, and autism etc) and crushes itself if these words show up in your comments. Sometimes it just places a popup to update Firefox right on top of the email when you make these naughty comments to a fake or biased news story, so you cannot pick up your email at all. It has this popup windows that you have to constantly agree now or later with the new terms and after that it takes forever to get in, I suspect it reads your emails every time. AOL was a bug in itself the last time I used its emails. Yahoo is now controlled by biotech like all other major media.
      Google too was censoring newsletters last year from Mike Adams until he complained more loudly. I signed up and compared the newsletter received. It censored by article title/word .

  2. Carol

    I for one had to open a Gmail account because I was not receiving the newsletters in my Yahoo account. Unfortunately, I learn the hard way because I do still use the Yahoo account. I receive the daily emails in Yahoo but for some reason not the Friday newsletters.

    1. Barbara

      I have Yahoo and receive your newsletter each and every week. Just wondering though, what (if anything) am I not getting! Quite a lot of spam mail (which they put in my spam folder) comes…wish they’d trash that.

  3. connie

    I closed my paid account with Yahoo several months ago because I was getting a lot of important mail put into the trash or spam.Even mail that I sent to myself because it was something I wanted to save in one of folders. I put up with them for 14 years. I switched over to Gmail. Even though I closed my account with yahoo, I have to delete all the undeliverable yahoo mail messages from my Gmail inbox which is a real Pain- in the you know where. As far as I know, none of my friends and or subscriptions newsletters are going to my yahoo account anymore so I can’t understand why I am getting these messages and there are many of them.


    I’m not aware of any problems with email and yahoo, but, oh dear, the same can’t be said for comments posted about news items. It is obvious Yahoo has a political agenda. Anything posted that doesn’t conform to Yahoos neo con beliefs are quickly removed, no matter how popular they are. This became evident during the recent Labour Party leadership elections here in the UK. anything that even hinted at support for the socialist candidate- who was eventually elected with a massive majority- was quickly removed by Yahoo. I would guess by the number of complaints on Yahoo that this must have amounted to thousands. But, needless to say, you had to be quick to see those comments before they too were removed.

  5. Russ

    I know for certain my emails are being sent to the Australian government I can not say how I know because they will change how they do it. Yahoo blocked be out of my email saying wrong pasword as the Aust government did not like the pasword so I set up a google email account and like magiic my pasword worked again haha. Knowing this is very handy as I know all my emails are being read by the Australian government so anything I do not want them to read I use another email provider just to piss them off. Yahoo is just a spy for governments who want to spy on peoples email for information.


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