You May Not Care About Trees, but You Will Care About This

By | June 15, 2015
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Cloudeight InfoAvePrintWhatYouLike

No. We are not kidding, PrintWhatYouLike is a word. Look it up. We learnt it just today. We like English spellings too, it adds colour to our newsletters, don’t you think? Besides, if England invented English, who are we Americans to muck it up? Learnt, dreamt, burnt, smelt…wait, “smelt” is a fish and the past tense of smell…is there a connection there? Who cares? Fish smell when they’re rotten and you probably think we smell cuz we’re way off topic. (TC doesn’t smell, I can vouch for him. EB? Can’t tell you what she smells like. Probably heavy, older-lady perfume, I bet. )

This is the twenty-first century – we can do as we please, right?

How many times have you been reading and interesting page and wished you could print it out, but when you try, you end up using 17 sheets of paper to  print a 2-page article. You don’t want to print the ads, the comments, the links, the hanky-panky, you just want the 2-page article.

Now some sites like ours actually make it easy for your print an article you like, because we like ya, I tells ya, but some sites don’t because they might not like you, or more likely they don’t really want you printing stuff – just because they’re mean or something.

PrintWhatYouLike, lets you, um, print what you like. Amazing isn’t it? It works! PrintWhatYouLike was designed by two Web designers in Iowa – home of The Children of the Corn. It was designed to make web pages easier to print – without all the ads and the smelt. (I just had to do that.)

If you’re not following this, don’t worry. We’re not either. But it certainly is circumlocutious

Here…we’ll bring in the site’s creators – the Iowans, to explain. they’re are not big on euphemism or pomp.

“ was created by Jonathan Koomjian and Cassie Schmitz, two web developers in Des Moines, Iowa who were frustrated that there was no way to print web pages without wasting reams of paper.”

You have the idea now, right? Look at the cool, environmentally friendly printer. See the corn husk? Save trees, make more corn, and print out only what you like from a Web page. Imagine…all our tips online…without those unsightly ads? Priceless!

See? Sooooo many options!

Step right up! Remove ads! Remove junk. Remove links. Enlarge the text, make the text smaller, change the font,  cut, crop, show, hide, oh my my – so many options, I tells ya!

You don’t have to be a paper-saving tree hugger to enjoy and employ PrintWhatYouLike. Capiche?

You can read more about PrintWhatYouLike or go save a tree, by clicking on the printer logo or on these words.

Only God can make a tree!

2 thoughts on “You May Not Care About Trees, but You Will Care About This

  1. Muriel.S

    Can’t wait to try this. I’ve been copy and pasting text from website articles to Word and then printing, after futzing around ’til I get what I want….UGH!

  2. Anthony Tarr

    Thank goodness, I have at last found an American web site that actually speaks English, and writes it too!! I download a lot of Art-related material off the internet and then paste it into Word, whereupon I have to edit it to remove the “color” misspellings, among many others, including the ever-reoccurring “z”s instead of “s”s . Thank you for this programme (not Program) which I will now use.


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