You need a Windows 7 system repair disc

By | July 3, 2011
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Why do you need a Widows 7 system repair disc? You need one because if something happens and your Windows 7 computer won’t boot,  you have access to system recovery tools and options, that can help you repair serious Windows problems and get you back up and running again.

Here’s how to create a Windows 7  system repair disc:

  • Click Start / Control Panel/ then click “System and Security”, “Backup your computer”
  • From the Backup and Restore window click “Create a system repair disc”
  • Insert a blank writable CD/DVD in your CD/DVD-ROM drive and then click “Create Disc” in the “Create a system repair disc” dialog box
  • If the files needed to create the system repair disc cannot be located your computer, you’ll be prompted to insert a Windows 7 installation disc (or if your computer came with a manufacturer’s “recovery disk” that should also work for this purpose).
  • Let the Create a system repair disc do its work
  • Label your new System Repair Disc and keep it safe. If you ever need it – you’ll be glad you have it.
  • For all versions of Windows 7 – 32bit and 64bit

2 thoughts on “You need a Windows 7 system repair disc

  1. Don Paterson

    what happens if win 7 is on a hidden partition on the hard disk?
    Does the computer boot automatically from the recovery disk or does it put you on to a DOS screen?


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