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By | October 8, 2011
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When you are browsing around your hard drive in Windows Explorer and you’re looking at folders with lots of documents, emails, or text files, you might prefer using the “List” or “Details” views. But, if you’re looking at a folder with lots of pictures, you’ll have probably want to choose the thumbnail view so you can preview each picture. You can choose between small, medium and large thumbnail views for your pictures.

Beginning with Windows Vista and continuing in Windows 7, you can change folder views on the fly. Just use the “Views” button on the taskbar to switch between the views available for the folder you’re viewing. Remember – it’s always faster to use a shortcut when you can. So if you are viewing a folder and want to zoom in on the icons in that folder here is a shortcut for you: When viewing a folder using thumbnail view, just hold own the Ctrl key and use your mouse scroll wheel to resize them. You can go from small to extra-large and never lift your finger off the scroll wheel. It’s pretty cool.

Here’s another trick. The scroll-wheel trick also works on your Windows desktop. If you’re working on your desktop, press your Ctrl key and hold it down and use your mouse’s scroll wheel to change the icon size from 48×48 icons to the extra-large, Vista/Seven-style icons (256×256 photographic-quality icons). For those of you who have a cluttered desktop full of folders, shortcuts, and files, you can use this feature a lot to squeeze even more stuff on your screen (and desktop). But remember that professionals like EB have clean uncluttered desktop, slobs like TC have cluttered desktop. Needless to say TC has the smallest possible icons on his desktop, that’s why his eyeballs are about six inches from the monitor. Use the darn Scroll Wheel trick, TC! Save your aging eyeballs. EB says keep your desktop clean and look like a pro – don’t be a slob like TC!

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