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After weeks of testing many free and commercial anti-malware programs, and after communicating back and forth with Emsisoft, we’re very pleased to tell you that our number pick for anti-malware protection and detection is Emsisoft Anti-Malware… and we have no doubt at all about our decision. We know it’s the right one for you and for us. We’ve… Read More »

The madness over the term malware and the ongoing saga of Malwarebytes

There seems to be a general belief that the term malware, means malicious software, but that is not true. The prefix “mal” is not an abbreviation for malicious, it is a prefix meaning bad. There are a lot of words beginning with this prefix: malcontent, maladjusted, malevolent, malfunction. So when we use the term malware we mean, literally… Read More »

What’s going on with Malwarebytes?

We’ve recently become aware that Malwarebytes no longer detects at least two of the most ubiquitous malware products (politely known to us as PUPs — Potentially Unwanted Programs), those two being Ask Toolbar and Conduit. We’re not saying there’s anything wrong with Malwarebytes, we still recommend it. We’re just concerned that this may become a slippery slope. Malwarebytes… Read More »