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Android: The new Windows?

Android is taking a lot of heat off the Windows operating system, thanks to so many Android users using outdated versions of the operating system, or so says the U.S. Government. A few years ago, Windows was the preferred target of miscreants seeking to trick users into installing malware, now it appears with hundreds of millions of Android… Read More »

Emsisoft wins another award

It’s difficult when choosing programs to recommend to you — because we want to be sure to recommend the very best. Not only based on what we think and what our tests show, but what others say and what the facts say. Emsisoft has come out at the top or near the top in ever single AV and… Read More »

Hiring a fox to guard the hen house

Perion, IncrediMail’s other name, is notorious for bundled software – Smilebox and worst of all Sweet IM, announced today the release of a program to manage add-ons and extensions in browsers. This beats all! It’s like McDonald’s releasing a book, “The Guide to Healthy Eating”,  or  Bernie Madoff writing “How to Invest and Get Rich Legally”. You have… Read More »

Software wrappers or Bundlers are Big Business for some the Web’s biggest download sites

We have been warning you about software bundles (which Emsisoft calls “download wrappers”) for a long time. The following information comes from Emsisoft’s helpful Anti-Malware web site, and we’d like to share it with you, because it give you information you can use to avoid sites which distribute software via bundlers (or “Download wrappers). These are all popular… Read More »