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Summer Things – A new Cloudeight email stationery collection

Our Summer Things collection features 9 brand new stationery designs. Each has a beautiful, textured summer theme, perfect for all your summer emails. We’re offering this free email stationery collection for the following email programs: Windows Live Mail Windows Mail Outlook Express Thunderbird IncrediMail MS Outlook (versions older than Outlook 2003 only) This collection features the following stationery… Read More »

All about social media

Social Media is a euphemism for interactive Websites where anti-social people can socialize anonymously. Social Media are sites like Twitter and Facebook where people don’t have to bathe to have coffee and crumpets together. You can sit in your undies, unwashed, and still have more friends than you can count. Don’t worry. Facebook and Twitter have counters who… Read More »

Some tips for our Cloudeight InfoAve Daily newsletter

This is a special note to all who subscribe to our InfoAve Daily tips and tricks newsletter. We realize that some of you are confused as  to how to access the links to the tips and tricks – and freeware and site picks in our daily newsletter. The answer is simple. Each featured tip, trick, freeware pick, etc.… Read More »

MyCleanPC, FinallyFast, MyCleanPC are all scams

FinallyFast is back again – along with some new brothers-in-arms. After a six-month hiatus, FinallyFast is back with newer and slicker commercials designed to persuade you to open your wallet and buy a newer version of their scamware. Don’t be fooled – it’s the same old snake oil with a different label. Success breeds success and copycats are… Read More »

Google Easter Eggs

Do you know what an Easter egg is? No, not the kind you hide for the kids or the kind you peel and eat with a cold beer, we’re talking about Easter eggs in applications – hidden things that the developers put in their programs for fun. Chrome has some Easter eggs we thought were fun – and… Read More »