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Virtual Memory

Madeline asks about virtual memory Twice now i have a popped up notice that says: “Windows low virtual memory”. Please explain to me what this means. Thank you, Madeline Our answer There are two main types of memory: Physical Memory – called RAM and Virtual memory which is memory that Windows creates from unused hard drive space. When… Read More »

How to find a lost wireless security key

Bona lost her wireless (router) security key I have forgotten my security key for my wireless and want to use it on my netbook. How do I find out what this key is? Thanks. Our Answer Here is an easy way to recover your wireless router security key, and it works well most of the time. It’s called… Read More »

How to back up your computer

Peter says you tell us to backup our computers but you don’t tell us how You are constantly telling us to back up our computer regularly . But how do you do that, do I put each individual File and Folder one at a time onto a memory stick or disk. Is there a way to download the… Read More »