Cloudeight Direct Computer Care – Scheduling

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9 thoughts on “Cloudeight Direct Computer Care – Scheduling

  1. Joann Bolen

    Looking forward to your “housecleaning” my computer. I hope I can answer all of your questions. Thank you. J.B.

    1. infoave Post author

      If you need to schedule an appointment we’ll need more information:

      1. Your time zone
      2. Your available days & times
      3. What you would like to do for you.

      Go to and send us that info – don’t post it here 🙂

    2. Joann Bolen

      This is old from January. I haven’t received a reply from you so I have sent another appointment request today. Hoping to get my laptop fixed soon; it’s been having something wrong since the first of the year.

      Thank you,
      Joann Bolen

      1. infoave Post author

        We replied to you on 2/13/2024 right on this page, we also used your question and our answer in our newsletter last Friday (2/16/24). I also replied to you via email again today.

  2. Ruth Rayna

    Please ,,,how do I get an answer to losing many of my e-mails due to their direction elsewhere by some controling factor in the software. Whether or not I read these e-mail messages, they are directed elsewhere to “Trash” “Important” or “”Sent”…………..and then they disappear after 30 days when placed in “Trash”.
    Is there any control over this re-directing of my e-mail messages?/ Please help.
    Thank you/
    Ruth Rayna

    1. infoave Post author

      Gmail does not move messages in ALL MAIL to trash. Only you can do that. If you’re missing emails try looking in “All Mail” unless you manually deleted emails from the All Mail folder, every message you’ve ever received is in the All Mail folder.

      This is what Gmail has to say about missing emails:

      Gmail shouldn’t automatically move your read messages or replies out of your inbox unless something else is causing it. Here are some things you can check to investigate and fix the issue:

      1. Check for filters and labels:

      Filters: Go to Settings > Filters and check if any filters are set to move or label your read messages or replies. Click on the filters to see the details and edit or remove them if needed.

      Labels: Go to Settings > Labels and check if your inbox has any labels applied automatically to read messages or replies. Make sure “Auto-advance” is off for any labels you don’t want applied automatically.

      2. Third-party apps and integrations:

      Apps with account access: Go to Account > Security > Apps with account access and review any third-party apps connected to your Gmail account. Revoke access to any apps you don’t recognize or haven’t authorized explicitly.

      Add-ons and extensions: Check your web browser’s extensions or add-ons for any related to Gmail and disable or remove any related to managing your inbox or automatic sorting.

      3. Check your settings:

      Preview pane: In Settings > General, make sure “Mark conversation as read when it’s previewed” is unchecked. This prevents emails from becoming marked as read just by hovering over them in the preview pane.

      Inbox behavior: In Settings > General, check the “Inbox type” setting. Make sure it’s set to “Default” or the custom view you prefer.

      4. Additional troubleshooting:

      Refresh Gmail: Try refreshing your Gmail inbox or restarting your browser.

      Clear cache and cookies: Clearing your browser’s cache and cookies can sometimes resolve issues with web applications.

      Sign out and back in: Occasionally, signing out of your Gmail account and then signing back in can refresh the connection and resolve the issue.

      If you’ve tried all these steps and your emails are still being moved after being read or replied to, contact Google Support for further assistance. They can help you investigate the issue more deeply and identify any specific settings or integrations causing the problem.

      Remember, Gmail shouldn’t move your messages on its own, so there’s likely an external factor causing this behavior. By going through these steps and contacting support if needed, you should be able to get your inbox back to normal.

  3. Joann Bolen

    I don’t have Gmail. I have Outlook & also Comcast. I’m in Flint MI w/DST since Mar. 17, I think that’s right.

    Mon., Tues., Wed., Thurs. all available at 1.00 for my app’t. That’s Mar. 25, 26, 27, & 28; all about 1:00.

    Hoping this will work out w/your busy schedule.

    Thank you, JB


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