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11 thoughts on “Contact Cloudeight

  1. Richard mitchell

    I give up, I tried every color I could think of for the sky.

    1. infoave Post author

      First never publish your email address in a comment online. You’re making it easy for spammers and criminals. I obfuscated your real email address but I didn’t see it until this morning so it was online for at least 12 hours.

      A device (computer, tablet, smartphone) does not change your Gmail address. You can log into your Gmail account from any device from anywhere at any time even from a public computer (not recommending that just saying). If you’re using an email client like Outlook, OE Classic, Thunderbird, EM Client, etc. and you tried to transfer the programs from your old computer to the new one this may cause problems with the program. You should uninstall and reinstall your email client and re-setup your Gmail account in it.

  2. Joann Bolen

    Looking forward to your “Spring Cleaning Tool” taking much better care of my desktop than I could ever do myself, I am sure.
    I’ve always been very thankful that I subscribed to your CloudEight Information years & years ago. It’s been an “actual life-saver” many times over.

    J C B


    Have a question for you? You caution computer users about showing/displaying their gmail/email addresses. Is there an app or a google extension that would do this….though I would think it is not a good idea as transmitted emails sometimes need recipient address information.

    Perhaps it could be a “tutorial” for people who use email. When to hide email address and why one would consider doing so?

    1. infoave Post author

      We don’t caution users about showing heir email addresses when necessary (like for instance, online orders, newsletter subscriptions, writing for help or support, etc. We caution users from showing their email addresses on public forums like this forum, Facebook, other social media sites, etc. In other words, never put your email address in a post or tweet.

      There is no magic program to prevent people from putting their email addresses on public display. The only option would be to use a throwaway email address when you sign up for things or request help or support, but you still wouldn’t want to publish it on social media or public forums.

      Throw-away email addressed can be used in place of your real email address any time you want. Each throw-away mail service has its advantages & disadvantages. Here are 6 sites from which you can get and use a throw-away email address – and these are in no particular order.







      We hope this helps you, Richard.

    1. infoave Post author

      We don’t agree with that review, but it’s your computer. We continue to warn people away from OlderGeeks for the reasons we’ve already given.


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