Microsoft launches IE9

Microsoft has finally launched its Internet Explorer 9 Web browser. After months of betas and release candidates, Internet Explorer 9 has been officially released to the public. Keep in mind that Internet Explorer 9 will not run on Windows XP,  you’ll need either Windows Vista and Windows 7 to run it. Those of you who want to download… Read More »

Bing now offering “Instant Search”

Bing is now offering “Instant Search”. Picasso once said that “good artists imitate, but great artists steal”.  Apparently in the corporate world: good companies imitate, but great companies steal. Microsoft who has unsuccessfully tried to imitate everything from iPod  (Zune) to iPhone (Kin, Kin2, Windows 7 Phone),  has now decided to take a different tack.  Microsoft’s johnny-come-lately search engine, Bing,  now… Read More »