Our New Cloudeight Spring Sale

By | March 14, 2019
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March 13, 2019

Dear Friends,Thank you so much for your support!

Today, we are announcing our 2019 Spring Specials and bringing back one of our most successful sales ever – our Pay What You Like Sale!

Cloudeight InfoAve

Cloudeight Spring Sale

Spring is just days away and we’re celebrating with a reiteration of one of our most popular sales ever.  We’re once again giving you the option to choose what you pay for some of our most popular services.

During our Spring Sale you can choose the price you want to pay for any of the following products & services:

  1. Cloudeight Direct Computer Repair – Single Key
  2. Cloudeight Direct Computer Care Season Ticket – Computer Care for one full year.
  3. Thunderbird Email Installation and Setup
  4. Emsisoft Anti-Malware installation, setup and a one-year Emsisoft license
  5. Don’t need anything? Please help us with a donation.

Our Spring Sale won’t last as long as spring, so don’t miss out. Help yourself, help us, and pay what you like!

Get more details about our new Spring Sale – and find out how you can choose what you’ll pay. Really!

Remember, when you purchase one of our products or services you’re helping keep our small business going… and you’re helping us continue to help you!
Cloudeight InfoAve

We offering you the best deals on computer care and repair you’ll find anywhere. By offering you special deals like these, you can help us and we can help you. We hope that you will take advantage of one or more of these special offers. If you don’t need anything right now, consider helping us to continue our mission to help keep you safe and provide you with the best advice, products and services available anywhere, by making a small donation.

We count on you… and you can count on us!

Thanks so much for your continued support and friendship.

Best wishes, 

Darcy & TC
Cloudeight Internet

2 thoughts on “Our New Cloudeight Spring Sale

  1. Maggie

    Yes, we certainly do need you. Please keep up the good work and we will try and do our best also. Happy Spring and Summer and enjoy we are just settling down for our Winter b r r r r r r r r. After a wonderful Summer, our Winter will I am sure feel very harsh but never mind onwards and upwards and will try and look on the bright side of life.

    1. infoave Post author

      Thank you, Maggie, Happy autumn and winter to you. I’m sorry to have to send those seasons your way 🙂


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